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Subject: LegalXML Online Worldwide Webinar - Wednesday, August 23 at Noon Eastern USA time


Warming up for Salt Lake City? Join this LegalXML Webinar


CTC 2017 is four short weeks away! Whether you’re already registered or are still sitting on the fence, join us for a free, one-hour webinar on “LEGALXML: STANDARDS FOR NOW AND THE FUTURE” at noon EST on Wednesday, August 23.


This fast-paced program, presented by the Oasis-Open LegalXML banner, will share work by leaders from all the TC's on electronic court filing, smart legal document markup, legal reference for easier and faster linking to resources, legal rule markup to better structure documents, and the new self-represented portal group.


The link for the webinar starting at noon on August 23rd is:



And it’s exactly the sort of quality continuing education that you’ll get at CTC 2017 in Salt Lake City. If you’re already registered for CTC, please invite your colleagues to join the webinar.


If they register for CTC using the promo code KEYNOTE, you and your colleague might win dinner with CTC’s keynote speaker Mark Lanterman. http://www.ctc2017.org/Registration.aspx


Webinar Agenda:


CTC-2017 notes/announcements (5 minutes – join time)

Session intro (2 minutes)

LegalCiteM – 10 minutes

LegalDocML – 10 minutes

Electronic Court filing – 10 minutes

LegalRuleML – 10 minutes

Litigant portal – 10 minutes

Conclusion – 3 minutes

Overtime - chat questions – 30 minutes




James E. McMillan – National Center for State Courts,  USA

LegalXML SC Chair


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