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Subject: 2018 Steering Committee Results

Greetings LegalXML Members,

The 2018 Steering Committee Results are in.Â
See the table below for the members and their term expiration.

Because the number of candidates did not exceed the number of available seats, these candidates areÂ
automatically chosen and ready to serve your group.

Thanks for all who offered to serve! The Steering Committee is an important part of the communityÂ
management and everyone appreciates the extra work done.

Cathie .

2018 Results
First NameLast NameCompanyExpiration
TC#1ElysaJonesIndividualEmergency TC Representative
TC#2Thomas FerrentinoIndividualEmergency-Adoption TC Rep
#1JeffWatersUS Department of Defense (DoD)September 2018
#2RexBrooksIndividualSeptember 2019
#3Scott RobersonKaiser PermanenteSeptember 2019
#4 vacant
#5 vacant

Catherine Mayo

781-425-5073Â x21

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