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Subject: [legalxml-odr] ADR CyberWeek

Debi Miller-Moore, Dan Greenwood, Atul Grover, Colin Rule (author of Online Dispute Resolution for Business)  myself and others have been working an online continuing education program on OdrXML Please join us (via phone and browser) with us at 1:20 p.m. Eastern next Thursday about online dispute resolution and XML, the latter part of the program will include an explanation of our project on OdrXML standards.

You can sign in to participate at
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/adronline/ . There is a lot more information about the program at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/xmlshow/.

The University of Massachusetts is picking up the tab for the phone bridge and recording the program for later distribution and GroupMindExpress is contributing the Web server and tech support with the program.  There is no charge for participation but the long distance to the phone bridge (about one hour and ten minutes) is on your nickel(s). 

I suggest you sign in now as this is a "free" program and the number of places will be limited to 75 including the presenters and panelists.  The program will be widely publicized to mediators, lawyers and other dispute
resolution via the internet discussion group/web-log "network" where news spreads fast.

Debi, Dan,Atul, Colin, myself and the other presenters/panelists for the program are still planning and preparing visuals for the program--its a work in progress--which you can see in the xmlshow message-base.  We could use your help with suggestions on the instructions on the ADRonline Web page, the usefulness of the materials (plus suggestions for other items) and the clarity of the emails you receive in the sign in process for joining ADRronline.

Please also feel free to join and comment on the matters under discussion in OdrXML workshop.

Your help as always is very much appreciated,
/s/ Jim Keane
James I. Keane
20 Esworthy Terrace
North Potomac MD 20878
301-948-4062 F: 301-947-1176 (N.B.: NEW FAX NUMBER)
Co-Author and Annual Update Editor of Treatise: Litigation Support Systems, An Attorney Guide 2nd  Ed. (WestGroup, 1992, updated through 2002)

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