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Subject: RE: [legalxml-odr-comment] OdrXML Meetings - Dinner/ Lunch on Friday - During ABA Dispute Resolution Section Conference in San Antonio. RSVP.


REMEMBER YOU CAN SIGN UP AT: http://www.bowie-jensen.com/mtg/index.php

If you have questions or miss us and need to call you can reach Debi at
704-905-1488 and Jim at 240-793-7425

We look forward to seeing you.  

Jim Keane and Debi Miller-Moore

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Subject: [legalxml-odr-comment] OdrXML Meetings - Room Location Update -
During ABA Dispute Resolution Section Conference in San Antonio. RSVP.

Update:  Saturday OdrXML Workshop Location:  Room CC006B in the
Convention Center.

Please note: There is a general meeting of the Sections Online DR
Committee from 5:30 - 6:30 on Friday.

Don't forget to RSVP: Please check off whether you can meet for lunch or
dinner on Friday, but most of all we need a headcount for the Saturday
workshop. Just check off the RSVP columns

Column 1 is for lunch; Column 2 for dinner; Column 3 for the Saturday

The minutes of the last telephonic meeting appears below in the text of
this message. Right at the end you will find the very interesting
line-up of ODR programs taking places at the DR Section meeting on
Friday. It's a remarkable line-up!

During the no-host lunch and dinner we want to meet with anyone
interested in participating in efforts to develop data exchange
standards for on-line dispute resolution.  During the working session on
Saturday, we want to

1) Identifying and involving the stakeholder community
2) Defining functional requirements
            a) The requirement need to bridge across multiple types of
ODR processes, and
            b) address key workflows within ODR and with external
entities such as courts,
               agencies and other institutional users of ODR/ADR
              (e.g., eCommerce, Brokerage, Real Estate)
4) The emerging Data Models and Data Dictionaries available as starting
points for and ODR data exchange schema.
5) Plans for Development of Technical Specifications and harmonizing

Please use the RSVP web site to indicate your availability - and feel
free to respond to me, Debi and Dan Greenwood on any issues you wish to

We strongly encourage anyone who wants to play an active role to join
OASIS and become a member or observer on the OdrXML TC list.
https://www.oasis-open.org/join/.  Anyone can visit the archives
http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/  or post comments to the Public
Comment List: legalxml-odr-comment@lists.oasis-open.org.

We look forward to meeting you in person at the San Antonio meeting.

Very best regards,

Jim Keane + Debbie Miller Moore Co-Chairs
Dan Greenwood, Vice Chair
OdrXML Technical Committee - LegalXML/ OASIS


OdrXML Technical Committee
Minutes of Initial Teleconference
5 December 2002

The OdrXML Technical Committee held its first conference call on
December 5, 2002 from 5:00 to 6:30 EST using web conferencing software
to the review the charter during the call.  After introductions, (see,
attendee list below) the group reviewed and affirmed the goals set forth
in the charter.

A key and recurring point of discussion was about keeping an even
balance between ODR for eCommerce and traditional ADR that is in
transition to web services.
Glossary:  We discussed and agreed to utilize the term "Neutrals" to
categorize arbitrators, mediators and other ADR providers generally.

Statement of Work
1) Identify Stakeholders: There was consensus that the first order of
business is to identify stakeholders in the development of OdrXML
standards. The stakeholders should include neutrals and neutral
organizations, ODR providers, and referring entities such as courts or
corporations that might utilize ODR providers and would also wish to
monitor progress and closure of referred matters

2) Functional Requirements: The next task discussed was development of
high level, functional requirements for the different phases and aspects
of online dispute activity.  We discussed building on the work of
eContracts, Court Filing, ebXML and other standards already adopted by
OASIS and related organizations.

3) Technical Specifications: The group discussed using the ODR schema
developed by the EU Joint Research Centre.  The general conclusion was
that this may have been developed independently of other standards
activities, particularly the work of LegalXML, and that we needed see if
the concepts, data model and data dictionary can be harmonized with
other work.

There was general approval of utilizing the data dictionary, object
repository and data model developed by the Integrated Justice Technical
Committee developed at Georgia Technical Research Institute.  We need to
determine how much can used and to what extent we need to supplement
this work with specialized tags, roles and attributes unique to ODR, as
well as work process elements such as BPML (Business Process XML) under
development by Computer Sciences Corporation, as noted in a pre-meeting
eMail by Debi Miller-Moore, Co-Chair.

4) Gather Resources: The final undertaking was to collect links,
citations and resources about ODR on the TC's web site.  OASIS is in the
process of switching it web site management and document repository to
new vendors.  We agreed nevertheless to conduct and eMail exchange to
identify resources, criteria and a process to collect them. To wrap up
this discussion, we also agreed to use the eMail list to identify
stakeholders, develop functional requirements, discuss data models,
compare existing standards to OdrXML needs, and gather resource material
and links for the Technical Committee group page on OASIS.

Future Meetings
The group reviewed potential meetings of OdrXML during the ABA Mid Year
Meeting in Seattle during February 2003 and at the Annual meeting in San
Francisco in August.  It was noted that the Dispute Resolution Section
is holding a multi-day educational conference with ODR seminars at their
conference in San Antonio from March 20-22.  The specific ODR courses
are noted at the end of these minutes.
[In subsequent discussions and a poll we concluded the DR section
meeting in March was a more promising forum for a face to face meeting.]

Ethan Katsch also proposed consideration of the UN ODR Forum on June 30,
2003 in Geneva, which might be an excellent forum to have a dialogue
with OdrXML folks from around the world.
http://www.unece.org/press/pr2002/02opa09e.htm (Notice of 2002 meeting)

Respectfully Submitted
Jim Keane + Debi Moore
Co-Chairs, OdrXML Technical Committee

(Based in part on RSVP List)
Don Bergeron - Lexis-Nexis) Chair, LegalXML Steering Committee)
Donald.Bergeron@LEXISNEXIS.COM David Baron - Web Mediate  -
david@webmediate.com Rolly Chambers, Smith Curry (Charlotte)
rlchambers@smithcurrie.com Scott Donahey - sdonahey@tzllp.com Mark
Eckstein,  SquareTrade - mark@squaretrade.com Dana Haviland - Online
Dispute Resolution - dhaviland@onlineresolution.com Ethan Katsch -
Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution, University of
Massachusetts - katsh@legal.umass.edu Jane Juliano - JAMS -
jjuliano@igc.org Jim Keane - JKeane.Pro  jik@jkeane.com Lawrence Leff -
Western Illinois University, Dept of Computer Science D-Leff@wiu.edu
John Messing, Law-on-Line, jmessing@law-on-line.com Paul Nicolai -
paul.nicolai@niclawgrp.com Colin Rule AAB Associates -
rule@raabassociates.org Hon. Alice D. Sullivan (Ret.) Private Judge,
Inc. ads@privatejudge.com

Note on Attendance
We held the meeting via a web conference and teleconference.  We
reserved a bridge based on the number of RSVP's.  Gratefully, we had
more last minute attendees.  Bad news, we had limited Telecon seats and
several of our key players were not able to attend so I was a bit
overwhelmed with running the meeting, setting up the web conference,
fielding last minute eMail and taking roll.  All this caused confusion
about who was there.  If we left you off the attendee list or the list
of people who wanted to attend, please send a private eMail to
jik@jkeane.com to correct this.

INet Legal Network, a provider of online seminars for Continuing Legal
Education provided the WebEx software facilities.

On RSVP list but Unable to Attend
Hon. Arthur M. Ahalt (Ret), Virtual Courthouse -
amhalt@virtualcourthouse.com Ben Davis - Professor - Texas Wesleyan Law
School bdavis@law.txwes.edu Dan Greenwood - MIT dang@mit.edu Atul Grover
- Verizon - atulgr@rediffmail.com Jeffrey Joel - Law Student -
University of Indiana - jjoel@indiana.edu Anne McNaughton -
a.macnaughton_brune@sbcglobal.net Debi Miller Moore - AAA -
MooreD@adr.org (OdrXML Co-chair - stranded in snow storm at airport)
Anita Ramastasy, University of Washington  - arama@u.washington.edu Dana
Tait, taitlaw@msn.com James Macpherson, National Mediation -

OdrXML Technical Committee Roster and Interested Parties
As of 2/7/2003
                    * Member of OASIS, entitled to Vote
1.      Hon. Arthur M. Ahalt (Ret.), Virtual Courthouse -
2.      David Baron - Web Mediate  - david@webmediate.com
3.      * Donald Bergeron - Lexis-Nexis - (Chair, LegalXML Steering
4.      * Rolly Chambers, Smith Curry (Charlotte)  -
5.      Tony Cardona - tonycardona1@juno.com
6.      Ben Davis - Professor - Texas Wesleyan Law School -
7.      Scott Donahey - Tomlinson Zisko LLP - sdonahey@tzllp.com
8.      Mark Eckstein,  SquareTrade - mark@squaretrade.com
9.      * Dan Greenwood - MIT dang@mit.edu - (OdrXML Vice-Chair)
10.     * Atul Grover - Verizon - atulgr@rediffmail.com
11.     Dana Haviland - Online Dispute Resolution -
12.     Ethan Katsch - Center for Information Technology and Dispute
         University of Massachusetts - katsh@legal.umass.edu
13.     Jane Juliano - JAMS - jjuliano@igc.org
14.     Jeffrey Joel - Law Student - Univesity of Indiana -
15.     * Jim Keane - JKeane.Pro  jik@jkeane.com (OdrXML Co-Chair)
16.     Matthews, Joseph, Joseph@colson.com
17.     * John Messing , Law-on-Line, jmessing@law-on-line.com
18.     * Dr. Lawrence Leff, Western Ill University -  D-Leff@wiu.edu
19.     Anne McNaughton - a.macnaughton_brune@sbcglobal.net
20.     * Debi Miller Moore - AAA - MooreD@adr.org (OdrXML Co-Chair)
21.     Timothy J. Mordaunt, Attorney-Mediator -
22.     Paul Nicolai - paul.nicolai@niclawgrp.com
23.     * Eddie O'Brien, Ringtail Systems eddie@ringtail.com
24.     Anita Ramastasy, University of Washington  -
25.     Colin Rule AAB Associates - rule@raabassociates.org
26.     Hon. Alice D. Sullivan (Ret.) Private Judge, Inc.
27.     Dana Tait, taitlaw@msn.com

ABA DR Conference - Courses on ODR
-          http://www.abanet.org/dispute/conference/brochure.pdf
Dispute Resolution Section
San Antonio, TX
March 20 - March 22, 2003
Friday March 21
10:15 - 11:45 Online Mediation: On Track or Out of Touch? Gilbert
Escudero, Irving, TX Dave Renfro, Irving, TX Kevin Buffington,
Washington, DC Bill McKee, Denton, TX 2:00 - 3:30 C4. Web-Empowered
Partnering: Using Web-Based Communication Systems for Conflict
Management, Dispute Avoidance, and Early Resolution of Construction
Disputes John Farnan, Pittsburgh, PA Gerald S. Clay, Honolulu, HI

C15.  ADR in a High Tech World
Peter Michaelson, Red Bank, NJ
Sandra Franklin, Troy, MI
James Carmody, Houston, TX
D15. International Competition for Online Dispute Resolution: Connecting
Law Students Worldwide David Larson, St. Paul, MN Benjamin G. Davis,
Fort Worth, TX Ethan Katsh, Amherst, MA Alan Gaitenby, Amherst, MA
Franklin G. Snyder, Fort Worth, TX Ayesha Hassan, Paris, France

James I. Keane
20 Esworthy Terrace
North Potomac MD 20878
301-948-4062 F: 301-947-1176 (N.B.: NEW FAX NUMBER) www.jkeane.com

Co-Author and Annual Update Editor of Treatise: Litigation Support
Systems, An Attorney Guide 2nd  Ed. (WestGroup, 1992, updated through

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