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Subject: [legalxml-transcripts] Meeting of the OASIS LegalXML Transcript TC -5:00 pm USA EST of Tuesday 15th October

Dear Transcript TC participants,
Firstly, welcome to the Transcripts TC of Oasis LegalXML!
As members of the Transcript TC I will assume that everyone on this list sees the benefit of a unified Transcript standard. Please join with me in encouraging any associations, companies or individuals to join the list and help us develop a useful standard. Details for joining can be found at: http://www.oasis-open.org/join/
I'm pleased to announce that Chad Theriot and Betty Harvey will be joining the Transcripts TC leadership team. Chad and Betty have excellent experience which is demonstrated in the attached personal BIOS.
The OASIS LegalXML Transcript TC web pages can be found at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/legalxml-transcripts/
As a general rule most activity will take place on the list but a "virtual" face-to-face will be a valuable way to start the group. So we are planning a telephone conference meeting at 5:00 pm USA EST of Tuesday 15th October to "kick start" the groups activity.
Setting a time has been very difficult and many people will not be able to attend the call direct so I encourage you all to contribute to the agenda via the list or directly. My apologies if the date and time are inconvenient for you but please don't worry if you can't make the meeting your contributions to the development of a transcript standard can be managed via the list discussions. Minutes
There are a number of items that should be discussed at the meeting but in order to have a manageable meeting I propose we start by discussing, with the view to agreeing,  the scope of the Transcripts TC as follows:
Draft Agenda:
Please feel free to suggest other agenda items but be aware of the time issues. I propose we set a one hour meeting for this first date.
There are a few reference document on the TC site including the archived Draft Standard DTD http://www.legalxml.org/archives/Transcripts/WD_10002.htm
Details of the telephone bridge / conference facilities will follow shortly.
I look forward to your "virtual" attendance.

Eddie O’Brien

Ph:                               +757 258 0502
Fax / Voice Mail:           +202 478 1878
Direct:                           +703 319 9464


BIOS Betty Harvey:

As President of Electronic Commerce Connection, Inc. (ECC, Inc.) Ms. Harvey has participated with many Government and commercial enterprises in planning and executing their migration to structured information. Over the past seven years she has developed many SGML and XML solutions for a wide-range of clients. Prior to starting ECC, Inc., Ms. Harvey worked in Scientific and Engineering Computing at David Taylor Model Basin, Navy Systems Weapon Center. While at David Taylor Ms. Harvey participated in the development of U.S. DoD CALS standards, including IETMs, SGML and Internet protocols. In 1994, Ms. Harvey was awarded "Employee of the Year, Engineer/Scientist. Ms. Harvey is the founder and coordinator of the current Washington, DC Area XML Users Group. Ms Harvey is one of the co-authors of "Professional ebXML Foundations" published by WROX in 2001.


BIOS Chad Theriot:


Chad is the CIO at AudioScribe who developed the SpeechCAT product.  Chad designed and wrote this product to interface with IBM ViaVoice and Dragon NaturallySpeaking (Voice Recognition Engines) for the Court Reporting Market.  SpeechCat is used by court reporters in the Federal, State and Military courts. Chad is responsible for quality assurance in both coding and training and the primary resource for all technical publications. Chad has a general interest in an XML transcript standard and a specific interest in a real-time xml standard. 


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