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Subject: Reorganized linking modules, added examples and notes

Hi all,

I have done (most of) my action items from the last meeting and sumitted them to GitHub as pull request #7. Attached is a PDF snapshot of that.

Hereâs a summary of what Iâve done:

I have incorporated my idea of a cookbook into the standard itself in the form of notes and examples, mainly in the Core and in the Controlled vocabularies module.

I have simplified the different modules and relation types we had for different kinds of linking, cross-referencing and entry structuring. There are now only two such modules:

  1. The Internal linking module, renamed and completely reworked from what used to be called the Crossreferencing module.

  2. The External linking module, renamed but otherwise unchanged from what used to be called the Linking module.

In addition to that, Core now includes two relation types for subsensing and subentrying which were previously in the Entry structuring module, and the Entry structuring module doesnât exist any more.


Attachment: Data Model for Lexicography (DMLex), Version 1.0.pdf
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