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Subject: Lates changes to the core and module

Hi everyone,

I have made some changes to my outstanding pull request based on this we had agreed at our second-to-last meeting. Attached is a PDF snapshop of that. The following is a summary of the changes Iâve made.


Change to the naming convention

I have changed my mind on the naming convention for objects and relations. Previously, my strategy was that the names of all relations had to end in the word Relation, so we had types such as EntrySetRelation and OverlapRelation. But Iâve come to the conclusion that this is silly and unnecessarily wordy. So I have removed the word Relation from the names. I assume people will find it a relief.

Renaming Usage to Label

As agreed at the second-to-last meeting, I have renamed the Usage object to Label, and the label properties of various other objects to caption.

Redefine subentries and subsenses as links

As agreed at the second-to-last meeting, I have removed the Subsense and Subentry types from the Core. From now on, we will be recommending to people to model subsensing using the SenseTuple relation, and to model subentrying using the SenseEntryTuple relation.

Encoding collocations

As agreed at the second-to-last meeting, I have implemented a âcheap and easyâ method to handle collocations in DMLex. Collocations are treated as a special case of examples where the headword and its collocate are marked up using inline markup. The types HeadwordMarker and CollocateMarker in the Inline Markup module take care of that.

Attachment: dmlex-core-and-modules.pdf
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