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lexidma message

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Subject: DMLex spec

Hi everyone,

Here is the latest version of our spec after a lot of edits. The biggest changes are:

- Examples have been factored out into a separate appendix and are now given in three formalisms in parallel: NVH, XML and JSON (some examples still need to be completed, I'll get that done by Florence). I decided not to do the examples as SQL (relational database) because it's just too complex and long-winded on paper. I'd leave it to John if he wants to contribute Semantic Web to the examples (and if he can get it done by Florence).

- The schema of each element is now explained in four formalisms in parallel: our own abstract schema, XML, JSON and SQL (this is still to be done in the Inline Markup Module, I'll make sure it's done by Florence). The XML and JSON explanations are relatively informal, more like examples, not in a formal schema notation. The SQL is relatively formal, it's commands you can actually run to create database tables and relations between them. Again, it's up to John if he wants to contribute Semantic Web to this (by Florence).

Apart from that, I've made a lot of edits as a result of the feedback I've received from Simon, Carole and John. On Monday I'd like to walk us though the feedback and through the changes I've made as a result of it. (So no, you don't need to read the whole thing again at this point of you don't want to.)

And then there is the question of converting the text to the DocBook format that OASIS expects. As you can see I haven't found the willpower to do that yet. So, on Monday, I'd like to discuss (1) whether someone other than myself can do it and (2) whether or not it needs to be done by Florence.

Talk to you on Monday!

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