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Subject: Co-chair nominations

I nominate Tom Clarke and myself to serve as co-chairs of the Legal Portal Technical Committee.  I served as chair or co-chair of the Electronic Court Filing Technical Committee for ten years.  Tom and I served together as co-chairs of that group for much of that time.  I am a recipient of OASIS’s Distinguished Contributor Award.  Tom is the author of the Business and Technical Requirements document for statewide litigant portals published by the National Center for State Courts. 


John M. Greacen

Greacen Associates, LLC

111 County Road 385

Regina, New Mexico 87046

Office phone 575-638-1067

Cell phone 505-780-1450 (we have no cell service at our office; use office phone number unless you know I am away from the office)

Fax 575-638-0004




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