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Subject: Scheduling Focus Group Calls

Hi all,

Over the next two days, I'd like to work with you to schedule meetings for our focus group as per our discussion at the last meeting. Please let me know if there are certain days between now and our July meeting that do not work for you.  If you have an assistant or Outlook links I can look at to coordinate, please send those my way. 

As a reminder, the following folks have generously volunteered (or been volunteered)for the focus groups:

Registration & Login Modules: 
Snorri Ogata, Amitabh Mukherjee, Alex Zilberfayn, and Joyce Raybe

Description, Navigation, Problems Identification, and Solutions Modules:
John Chatz, Alex Zilberfayn, and Mark Gelade

Assistance & Capacity Assessment Modules:
Joyce Raybe, John Greacen, and potentially Glen Rawdon (I can work with Glen if John G. can confirm his participation)

Tradeoff Preferences & Probabilistic Outcomes Module:
Snorri Ogata, Thomas Clarke, Adam Earnheart/Philip Baughman, Riyaz Samnani

Thank you in advance.

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