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Subject: Logistics for Face-to-Face Meeting

Hi all,

I just wanted to offer some last minute logistics information. 

1) Please expect some traffic from the airport to the University of Denver.  Per Joyce Raybe, a local, the eclipse will be bringing a ton of traffic through CO roads, including on our route from the airport. 

2) The John Moye Hall at the University of Denver isn't very easy to find, even using maps apps.  

Driving Directions: We are located on the North side of Evans Ave. west of University. You must be traveling westbound on Evans to access our street. Once past University Blvd., S. Gaylord Way is the first right turn, just before the light at the pedestrian walkway.

John Moye Hall is the second red brick building on the left (it sits behind a brick wall).

Google Street View showing the 2 story building across the front entrance of the law school: https://goo.gl/V97GiH
If you have any questions, call our main office at: (303) 871-6600.

3) Parking: If you need to get a parking pass, please park momentarily in the cul de sac in front of the building, or in one of the 20-minute parking spaces, and go inside to get a parking pass (you will need to ring the doorbell, as we keep our doors locked). The entrance to the public/visitor portion of the parking garage is directly east of IAALS as you go back out the door, and leads underneath the Law School. Simply find a spot anywhere in the visitor area, put the parking pass on your rearview mirror and you will be ready to go.

4) Dinner on Monday Night: While there are no plans to coordinate a joint dinner for everyone, naturally a group of us may decide to go to dinner together.  Please let me know if you'd like to join!

We look forward to seeing and meeting everyone on Monday.

Thank you,

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