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Subject: FW: Open Referral Update

FYI â Open Referral update from Greg Bloom . . .


From: Greg Bloom <bloom@openreferral.org>
Sent: February 4, 2019 18:17
To: Harris, James <jharris@ncsc.org>
Cc: John G <greacenjmg@earthlink.net>; Riyaz Samnani <riyaz.samnani@du.edu>
Subject: Re: [lp] Groups - Litigant Portal Data Standardization ver. 3.docx uploaded


Hi folks - John, great to see you in New Orleans last month. I hope this process is going well.


A few quick updates: 


First, just today, Minnesota Legal Services published a post about how they've used Open Referral in their new statewide legal resource platform. They're the newest of a wave of states that are using our data model to structure and share information about the accessibility of civil legal services.


Relatedly, here's the final report from our implementation in Florida, where we essentially developed a registry of service information, updated by providers themselves through a standardized form, mandated by their funders. The report contains links to sample data and a prototype of the form.


Finally, here's Open Referral's 2018 year in review report: https://openreferral.org/open-referrals-2018-year-in-review/ ~ it was a breakthrough year in several ways!


Please do pass this on to the LP committee, and let me know if i can help answer any questions about these matters as they related to your work on litigant portal interoperability.


Thanks for your important work,





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