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Subject: Groups - Action Item "Provider criteria and qualifications for service" Modified

Action Item Subject: Provider criteria and qualifications for service
Item Number: #0005

Need to consider models for capturing screening criteria and qualifications for provider services.

Owner: John Greacen
Status: Open
Priority: Medium
Due Date: 01 Jun 2019

Mr. Jim Harris 2019-01-02 22:30 UTC
John Greacen will re-engage original task team to address this issue, including Riyaz Samnani, Lester Bird, Glenn Rawdon, Joyce Raby and Suzanne Brown-McBride.

Mr. Jim Harris 2019-02-05 19:56 UTC
Changing the due date for the next TC call.
John - Feel free to revise due date as you deem appropriate.

Mr. Jim Harris 2019-03-04 23:07 UTC
John has added Abhijeet Chavan to the task team and reiterated the goal of finding a way to capture all eligibility criteria that a service provider has so that we can insure that the referrals each provider gets are the ones it wants ? for the benefit of the user and of the provider.

Mr. Jim Harris 2019-03-05 19:17 UTC
Discussion in LP TC call: Some suggest there is no end to the number of criteria that individual programs will have. Assume we don't know what the criteria will be. Dynamic/configurable eligibility criteria. Possible solution - 1) what is the question, 2) what are available answers, 3) what answers qualify for eligibility. Could also standardize common types of criteria. Limitation: Legal Aid desire to identify "impact case"? John will setup task team meeting to review in detail.

Mr. Jim Harris 2019-04-02 17:21 UTC
John G reported via email that the task team has come to consensus on a recommended approach for the initial version of LPX. The attached Word document "Provider Criteria and Qualifications for Service 3-26-19" describes the approach.

Mr. Jim Harris 2019-05-14 17:59 UTC
Barb will include elements from described approach in models/messages for June 1 draft.

Questions re. complexity of algorithms and whether LPX should try to implement them. Simple criteria could be addressed, but more complex criteria should go back to provider. Would assume real-time process in the latter (for pre-referral purposes).

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Provider Criteria and Qualifications for Service 3-26-19.docx (16K) 2019-04-02 Download | View Details

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