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Subject: LPX 1.0 working draft

To all members of the LP TC:


The latest version of the LPX working draft has been posted and was discussed in the TC’s monthly call on July 2. We are getting close to finalizing the draft and putting it up for consideration as a Committee Draft.


Here’s a direct link to the latest draft posted on the TC site: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/lp/document.php?document_id=65560.


Please review and provide feedback by end of day Friday, July 19.


We’re planning to share the draft at the upcoming NACM conference at an informal meeting with vendors on Tuesday, July 23 at 5pm CDT. If you’re planning to attend NACM, please do join us.




James M. Harris | Principal Court Management Consultant, Technology Services

National Center for State Courts | 300 Newport Avenue | Williamsburg, VA  23185
| jharris@ncsc.org | www.ncsc.org


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