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Subject: Today's LP TC call: https://zoom.us/j/95579678340?pwd=ek04dUdJS200YzByNXZRTzRSM0tmZz09

To members of the LP TC . . . Just a friendly reminder for today’s monthly TC call at 1pm ET.


The agenda will include need for a new TC Secretary and reflecting on last month’s call with SMEs who shared portal experiences in their states.  I’m sure others will have topics they’d like to discuss.


Meeting link:  https://zoom.us/j/95579678340?pwd=ek04dUdJS200YzByNXZRTzRSM0tmZz09




James M. Harris | Principal Court Management Consultant, Technology Services

National Center for State Courts | 300 Newport Avenue | Williamsburg, VA  23185
office 757.259.1804 | cell 407.620.2335 | jharris@ncsc.org | www.ncsc.org


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