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member-agreement-review message

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Subject: RE: Member Agreement


In sharing the draft membership agreement with you, we'd hoped for your
feedback so we can modify the draft to better meet your expectations.

While I appreciate that you took the time to review the draft and provide
feedback, and am willing to abide by your request, my preference is to learn
more about what you feel is objectionable and how we can improve the
agreement terminology to work for you.

If you are willing to take the time to provide that level of feedback, I'd
be happy to factor that into the decision process.



> -----Original Message-----
> From: George Raudabaugh [mailto:george@granddevelopment.com]
> Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2004 5:32 PM
> To: member-agreement-review@lists.oasis-open.org
> Cc: scott.mcgrath@oasis-open.org
> Subject: Member Agreement
> Please remove me from all discussion lists as well as removing me as
> member
> of OASIS.  IF the big guys want to run this so be it, there goes its
> legitimacy.
> George Raudabaugh
> george@granddevelopment.com
> george@raudabaugh.net

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