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Subject: Re: Reminder Revised OASIS Membership Agreement - Review ends 15Nov

Hello Scott,

Katia Sycara and myself are individual member at OASIS and we are both 
employee of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).  CMU does not own any IP 
on the work that we are doing at OASIS, nor do our founding agencies.  
Does the clause below apply to us too?

In general this requirement may be too steep for universities that 
depend on scarce soft money to conduct their work in the context of OASIS.


--- Massimo

member_services@oasis-open.org wrote:

>Dear Massimo Paolucci,
>-  Clarify eligibility rules for Individual Members. Under the modified agreement, OASIS membership categories will specify that only persons who are acting on their own behalf, and are not contributing someone else's intellectual property (such as under a work-for-hire or employment arrangement), may join in the "Individual" member class. The objective is to better assure that the parties who actually own or control the contributions made to a TC are the ones who become members, and therefore are bound by the IPR Policy.

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