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Subject: Membership and IPR change


I'm individual member (and editor) of the XLIFF TC. I've
looked at the IPR and membership proposed changes. As far as
I can tell, it seems that the basic problem for individual
members is that they will have now the choice between either
going to a Contributor Level membership or to discontinue
their active participation with the TCs.

Going to the Contributor Level membership would be a $5,500
difference in my case. My company will not allow me to
continue at that level. I'm pretty sure it is the case for
quite a few other members in the XLIFF TC as well as other

I understand why OASIS is seeking the IPR policy change, but
this side effect of having individual members having to
switch to contributor members to keep working in the TC is a
very unfortunate consequence. I had hopped OASIS would
introduce some kind of new membership level. One where a
company could become member with just the benefits currently
allowed to an individual member and a commensurate fee. Too
bad it does seem to be the case.

Kind regards,

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