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Subject: [OASIS members] LegalXML Joins OASIS

OASIS Members,

We are happy to announce that the LegalXML Consortium has become the
newest OASIS Member Section.

Since 1998, LegalXML has united standards development within the legal
community, bringing technical and legal experts together in a common
forum. Its members work to develop standardized structures, vocabularies
and data exchange protocols for legal documents such as court filings,
citations, contracts, and transcripts. LegalXML members include lawyers,
developers, application vendors, government agencies and members of
academia. Several existing OASIS members, including Reed Elsevier and
Thomson Corporation, are active participants of LegalXML.

Under the new agreement, LegalXML will adopt the OASIS technical
process, bylaws and IRP Policy. Members of LegalXML will join OASIS and
be eligible to contribute to all OASIS technical work. As existing OASIS
members, you will have the option to participate in LegalXML technical
committees without additional membership dues.

LegalXML expands the breadth of the OASIS technical agenda in an
exciting way. We understand that in today's economy, it's not practical
to expect you to join a multitude of consortia in order to participate
in all the relevant standards development being done. At OASIS, we
strive to give you many opportunities for involvement within one

Please join me in welcoming LegalXML to the OASIS community. We look
forward to sharing new approaches, methods and insights with one another
to advance our common mission of interoperable standards.

Patrick Gannon
President and CEO

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