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Subject: OASIS News - 16 June 2003

16 June 2003

Welcome to OASIS News, a weekly update of announcements, accomplishments
and activities for the XML interoperability consortium.


Vote for OASIS Board of Directors Before 25 June

All Sponsor and Contributor member organizations are encouraged to cast
a ballot for four Board candidates before 25 June 2003 (23:59, 11:59pm
US EDT).  Ballots have been sent to designated voting representatives
listed at


Board of Directors Candidates Respond to Member Questions

Learn more about the OASIS Board candidates by reviewing their answers
to a compilation of member questions on clarifying
IPR, avoiding overlap, promoting adoption, and more. See the Candidates
Question Page or review each nominee's profile page for details. Check
back often, as additional replies may be posted.



OASIS to Sponsor SPML Demo at Catalyst

On 9 July, the Burton Group's Catalyst Conference in San Francisco,
California will feature an SPML interoperability demonstration hosted by
members of the OASIS Provisioning Services TC, including BMC Software,
Business Layers, Entrust, Mycroft, OpenNetwork, PeopleSoft, Sun
Microsystems, Thor Technologies, TruLogica, and Waveset.

Gavenraj Sodhi of Business Layers, will present 'The Service
Provisioning Markup Language' prior to the Interop Demo.

For more information about the Interop Demo please contact the OASIS PS
TC chair, Darran.Rolls@waveset.com or dee.schur@oasis-open.org.


OASIS Team Talks

16-18 June--Patrick Gannon will present "Achieving Sustainable Business
Benefits with WS Standards" at EEMA 2003, Prague.

16-19 June--Winston Bumpus, OASIS Web Services Distributed Management TC
co-chair, will make a presentation at 2003 Global Management Conference,
San Jose, Calif.

23 June-- Art Botterell, OASIS Emergency Management TC and chair of its
Notification Methods and Messages Subcommittee, will conduct a briefing
and workshop on the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP), 13th World Conference on
Disaster Management,
Toronto, http://www.wcdm.org .

30 June-1 July--Patrick Gannon will be a keynote speaker at Delphi's
'Executive Retreat on Building an Agile Enterprise' conference, San

For more information on Events, see http://www.oasis-open.org/events/.


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