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Subject: SPML spec for consideration as an OASIS Standard

OASIS members:

The OASIS Provisioning Services TC (PSTC) has submitted the Service 
Provisioning Markup Language v1.0, which is an approved Committee Draft, 
for review and consideration for approval by OASIS members to become an 
OASIS Standard. The TC's submission is attached below.

In accordance with the OASIS Technical Process, the specification has 
already gone through a 30 day public review period. OASIS members now 
have at least 15 days to familiarize themselves with the submission. By 
the 16th of October I will send out a Call For Vote to the voting 
representative of each OASIS member organization, who will have until 
the end of the month to cast their ballots on whether this Committee 
Draft should be approved as an OASIS Standard. OASIS members should give 
their input on this question to the voting reps of their respective 

The normative TC Process for approval of Committee Drafts as OASIS 
Standards is found at


Karl F. Best
Vice President, OASIS
office  +1 978.667.5115 x206     mobile +1 978.761.1648
karl.best@oasis-open.org      http://www.oasis-open.org

(see also

1. A formal specification that is a valid member of its type, together 
with appropriate documentation for the specification, both of which must 
be written using approved OASIS templates:

This specification consists of three documents described and available 
as follows.

Core specification document; contains both normative and non-normative
description of the 1.0 specification

Bindings document; contains normative description of SOAP/HTTP & file
based transport bindings

XML Schema; contains the definition of message and protocol formats for

2. A clear English-language summary of the specification:

In late 2001, the OASIS Provisioning Services Technical Committee (PSTC) 
was formed to define an XML-based framework for exchanging user, 
resource and service provisioning information. The resulting 
specification defines the concepts, operations, deployment and XML 
schema, for an XML based request and response protocol for provisioning.

3. A statement regarding the relationship of this specification to 
similar work of other OASIS TCs or other standards developing organizations:

In the generation of the SPML V1.0 specification, the PS-TC has worked 
diligently to where appropriate reuse, build upon and inter-operate 
with, other recognized open industry standards. The following very 
briefly outlines those relevant to other OASIS TC efforts.

DSML: SPML V1.0 builds upon the work of the Directory Services TC. SPML 
re-uses some of the concepts and schema elements of the DSML v2.0 
specification. In outline it builds upon its basic name/value attribute 
representation model, as part of the SPML provisioning schema.

SAML: SPML V1.0 supports a model in which senders and receivers of SPML 
protocol messages agree upon the context of a predefined unique 
identifier for the provisioning of data. One of the identifier types 
that SPML supports is a SAML assertion. In summary a SAML assertion may 
be the unique identifier used to qualify a subject, against which, a 
specific request is targeted.

4. Certification by at least three OASIS member organizations that they 
are successfully using the specification consistently with the OASIS IPR 

The following member organizations have certified their use of the SPML 
V1.0 specification in accordance with the OASIS IPR policy.

Waveset Technologies

Business Layers

OpenNetwork Technologies

Computer Associates


5. An account of each of the comments/issues raised during the public 
review period, along with its resolution:

The public review was announced at
and was held from 5 June to 5 July, 2003.

During the initial OASIS wide review period, we received no comments 
from TC members or from OASIS members outside the PS-TC.  Throughout the 
formal specification process, the TC has maintained an issues, this is 
current, and available at

6. An account of and results of the voting to approve the approve the 
specification as a Committee Draft:

On 6/1/03 the TC voted to adopt the then top level draft specification 
to Committee Specification status. This vote is documented at

As part of this process, on 5/19/2003 the TC voted to table the then 
standing issues, as documented, for consideration in a 1.1 version of 
the specification process, this is documented at

7. An account of or pointer to votes and comments received in any 
earlier attempts to standardize substantially the same specification, 
together with the originating TC's response to each comment:

The SPML specification has not been previously submitted to the OASIS 

8. A pointer to the publicly visible comments archive for the 
originating TC:


9. A statement from the chair of the TC certifying that all members of 
the TC have been provided with a copy of the OASIS IPR Policy:

"I, Darran Rolls, representative of Waveset Technologies and chair of 
the PS-TC can certify that each contributing member has been clearly 
provided with a link to the OASIS IPR Policy web page at and to the best 
of my knowledge none has or intends to submit claims against this 

10. Optionally, a pointer to any minority reports submitted by one or 
more TC members who did not vote in favor of approving the Committee 
Draft, or certification by the chair that no minority reports exist.

During the closing stages of the committee specification process, 
several issues where raised by contributing members as documented in the 
"Prior Votes & Comments" section of 
Those members that voted against the adoption of Committee Specification 
status filed no formal minority report as a result of the vote as 
concluded. All issues raised thus far have been formally documented in 
the Issues List document referenced above, for consideration in the 1.1 
or 2.0 revision process.

- submitted by Darran Rolls, chair of the PS TC, Darran.Rolls@waveset.com

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