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Subject: OASIS NEWS 10.20.04

20 October 2004

Welcome to OASIS News, a weekly update of announcements, accomplishments,
and activities for the international standards consortium.

Review Revised OASIS Membership Agreement Draft

All members are asked to review proposed revisions to the OASIS Membership
Agreement and provide feedback. The revisions seek to meet the contractual
expectations from a variety of cultures and jurisdictions. Instead of the
current click-through application form, the new Membership Agreement will
require a physical or electronic signature. The renewal process promises to
be much more streamlined, eliminating the requirement of a formal legal
review every year.  Like the proposed revisions to the OASIS IPR Policy and
Technical Process, the end result of these changes to the Membership
Agreement will ensure the safety of adopting OASIS Standards around the


OASIS Standard Vote on UBL and WS-Reliability Ends Soon

OASIS members are strongly encouraged to cast ballots on two Committee
Drafts that have been submitted for consideration as OASIS Standards;
Universal Business Language (UBL) v1.0 and WS-Reliability v1.1. UBL defines
a common XML library of business documents (purchase orders, invoices, etc).
WS-Reliability establishes an interoperable way to guarantee message
delivery to applications or Web services. Voting ends 31 Oct 2004.


Join New OASIS Discussion List on ebXML Adoption

A new discussion list has been created to explore the possibility of
creating one or more new OASIS Technical Committees related to the adoption
of ebXML. The discussion list will last up to 90 days, during which time
participants will decide if there is sufficient interest to form a TC. To
subscribe to the discussion list, send a message to:


Join OASIS DCML Member Section

The OASIS DCML Member Section (MS) is seeking participation from all those
interested in advancing the Data Center Markup Language (DCML). Every
organization that joins or renews membership in OASIS has the option to
designate support for one or more MSs. Members are encouraged to join the
OASIS DCML MS if they find benefit in funding DCML work through an
allocation of a portion of their usual OASIS dues and voting on MS ballots.
OASIS members need not select an MS in order to participate in its related
TCs related, nor will selecting an MS restrict involvement in any way. The
deadline to declare affiliation with the OASIS DCML MS is 30 Oct; following
that date, members may join the OASIS DCML MS -- or any other MS -- at their
annual membership renewal date.

Posting Company New to XML.org

One of the benefits of OASIS Sponsor membership is the ability to distribute
company news and announcements via XML.org. Press releases and other
information sent to the OASIS "Announce" mailing list will be automatically
posted on the XML.org homepage, as well as linked to the member's web site.
To post information, send a plain text e-mail containing your announcement
and a link to the full release to: announce@lists.oasis-open.org


Briefings with Robin Cover at XML 2004

OASIS members are invited to schedule a 30-minute briefing with Robin Cover,
industry analyst and managing editor of the Cover Pages, at XML 2004 in
Washington DC, 15-17 Nov. This is a rare opportunity to share your company's
accomplishments, goals, and plans with one of the most respected voices in
our industry. The Cover Pages (http://xml.coverpages.org/) is widely
regarded as the comprehensive online reference work for XML. Edited by Robin
for over 12 years, this site tracks and chronicles the industry through an
extensive reference collection of more than 12,000 documents on the
application of markup language standards. The resource provides carefully
referenced and linked technical information, bibliographic data, articles,
specifications, reference material, and links to thousands of key documents
and white papers on third-party sites. Content extends to XML, Web services,
SGML, and other related standards and initiatives. Briefing slots at XML
2004 are limited; contact dee.schur@oasis-open.org for scheduling.

OASIS on the Agenda

16-19 Nov -- XML 2004, Washington, DC. OASIS will present six InterOp Demos
and five presentations on the work of various OASIS TCs. A full preview of
OASIS activities at XML 2004 will be available in the next edition of OASIS
News. OASIS members are eligible for a conference discount.

17 Nov -- Gartner Application Integration and Web Services Summit, Orlando,
Florida will feature the UDDI OASIS InterOp demonstration, "UDDI -- the Web
Services Registry Standard." Patrick Gannon, OASIS CEO, will participate in
the panel, "Standards and Interoperability: Coming Any Day Now?" OASIS
members are eligible for a conference discount; contact
barbara.erbes@oasis-open.org for more information.

OASIS Co-Sponsored Events

26-28 Oct --BuilConn Europe-Network Building Systems Forum 2004, Brussels,
Belgium. OASIS members receive a 10% discount. Please use "OBIX" as the
discount code when registering.

25-28 Oct -- Digital ID World 2004 Conference, Denver, Co. OASIS members
receive a $500 discount when they use discount code "OASIS04".

1-3 Nov -- Data Management and Information Quality Conference, London, UK.
OASIS members receive a 10% discount. Please put "OASIS Member" in the
comments box when registering.

3-4 Nov -- Brainstorm Group's Business Process Management Conference, New
NY. One day complimentary passes for OASIS members.


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