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Subject: Notification of Revised IPR Policy & New IPR Transition Policy

OASIS Members:

I'm pleased to notify you of the Board approval of the revised OASIS
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy [1], IPR Transition Policy [2],
and Membership Agreement on 20 January (to be posted soon). The effective
date of the revised IPR Policy and new IPR Transition Policy is 15 April
2005.  These documents represent almost three years of effort on the part of
OASIS directors and staff. Their dedication, hard work, and creative
thinking have resulted in policies that will help assure implementers
worldwide that OASIS Standards can continue to be adopted with confidence. 

I would also like to thank all OASIS members who reviewed the Policy draft
and provided such valuable input [5]. Your concerns and suggestions were
instrumental in adopting Policies that provide the clarification,
flexibility, and accountability we require, while preserving the positive
environment for collaboration on which we all rely.

Two new FAQ documents [3][4] have been created to help explain the OASIS IPR
Policy and IPR Transition Policy. I encourage you to review them at your
earliest convenience and direct any unaddressed questions you might have to
member-services@oasis-open.org. We are committed to making the transition to
the revised IPR Policy as easy as possible for every OASIS member and
Technical Committee.

Patrick Gannon
President and CEO

[1] OASIS IPR Policy

[2] OASIS IPR Transition Policy

[3] OASIS IPR Policy FAQ

[4] OASIS IPR Transition Policy FAQ

[5] Board Responses to Member Comments on the Draft IPR Policy

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