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Subject: OASIS News - 30 March 2005

30 March 2005

Welcome to OASIS News, a weekly update of announcements, accomplishments, and activities for the international standards consortium.

OASIS UBL TC Creates Small Business Subcommittee

To support the use of the Universal Business Language (UBL) OASIS Standard in small-scale e-commerce applications, the OASIS UBL TC
has created the Small Business Subcommittee. These members will analyze requirements for implementations that do not require full
UBL functionality and document a subset of UBL components useful for these applications. 


Public Review of XRI Begins

The OASIS Extensible Resource Identifier (XRI) TC recently approved XRI v2.0 as a Committee Draft and submitted it for public
review. XRI defines a URI-compatible protocol for sharing and identifying resources across domains and applications through the use
of abstract identifiers. The specification will be available for public review until 14 Apr, and comments are solicited from all
interested parties.


FOSE Will Feature CAP OASIS InterOp 

Six OASIS member organizations will demonstrate the use of the Common Alerting Protocol OASIS Standard in a real world application
at the FOSE conference, 5-7 April in Washington, D.C. CAP, developed by the OASIS Emergency Management TC, provides a method for
disseminating key emergency event data across a variety of systems. The OASIS InterOp will simulate a chemical event using plume
modeling. A CAP message containing the affected areas, severity, etc. will be posted on a server backbone. Participants will extract
the CAP data, activate alert/notifications systems, and display incident management data using the posted alert.


Contribute Books on OASIS Standards for Symposium 

The OASIS Symposium will showcase the growing body of books that feature technical and executive-level information on OASIS
Standards and specifications. This is not a book sale, but an opportunity to give attendees a first-hand look at the range of
available titles. A handout listing all books, including information on purchasing options, will be provided. Books will be on
display for two days during the Symposium and raffled off to attendees at the reception following the Annual General Meeting for
members. Authors, publishers, or collectors interested in donating books should contact jane.harnad@oasis-open.org by 1 April.


Symposium Early-Bird Registration Ends 1 April

Save 50 USD by registering now for the OASIS Symposium on the Future of XML Vocabularies, which will be held 25-26 April in New
Orleans. OASIS Members may register before 1 April for 350 USD (400 USD after Friday) and non-members for 450 USD (500 USD after


Companies Demonstrate oBIX in Dallas

The OASIS Open Building Information Exchange (oBIX) TC hosted a demonstration of a draft version of the oBIX specification at the
BuilConn conference in Dallas last week. Devices from Tridium, Trane, and other vendors were featured. At a TC meeting preceding the
demo, Paul Ehrlich, P.E., was elected co-chair of the TC.


Members Exchange Ideas on Open Mailing List

The OASIS member-discuss list provides an unmoderated, open forum for members to comment on, solicit input for, and exchange ideas
regarding topics of general interest to the OASIS community. Discussion concerning OASIS strengths, opportunities for improvement,
new areas of technical work, programs or locations for future events, and suggestions for expanded member services are just a few
examples of the types of communications that belong in this forum. This list may also be used to debate the merits or shortcomings
of specifications up for public review or candidate OASIS Standards, (however, those seeking formal Committee consideration should
also submit their input via the designated review channel for each spec.) Any OASIS member may post to this list; archives are
publicly accessible.


RSA 2005 SAML InterOp Demonstration Photos Now Available

Photos from the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) v2.0 OASIS InterOp at the 2005 RSA conference are now available on the
OASIS Security Services TC web site. 


Organizations Join OASIS 

OASIS welcomes four new Sponsor members. Amsoft Systems (www.amsoft.net) is an IT design firm. Avaya Inc. (www.avaya.com), offers
business communication consulting. SOA Software Inc (www.soa.com), formerly Digital Evolution, provides enterprise class
service-oriented architecture solutions. Zero G Software (www.zerog.com), offers software deployment and delivery solutions. 

The consortium also welcomes new Contributor member, Astoria Software.

OASIS Co-Sponsors Events

3-6 Apr
ProcessWorld 2005
Hollywood, FL, USA


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