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Subject: OASIS News 18 July 2005


18 July 2005

Welcome to OASIS News, a weekly update of announcements, 
accomplishments, and activities for the international standards consortium.


Public Review of WS-Resource Opens

All interested parties are encouraged to provide comments on the 
WS-Resources specification and related documents, which define a 
general, open framework for modeling and accessing stateful resources 
using Web services. Submitted for public review by the OASIS WSRF TC, 
the specification package includes WS-Resource,,WS-ResourceProperties 
(WSRF-RP) , WS-ResourceLifetime (WSRF-RL), WS-ServiceGroup (WSRF-SG), 
WS-BaseFaults (WSRF-BF), as well as Application Notes. The 60-day review 
will end on 5 Sept.




TAB Drafts Artifact ID Requirements

The OASIS Technical Advisory Board (TAB) has drafted a set of Artifact 
Identification Requirements (AIR) for potential use as a more ordered 
method for assigning names and URIs to OASIS technical work products. 
Member discussion on the TAB’s proposal is underway, and interested 
parties are encouraged to submit comments by 27 July to the 
oasis-member-discuss list.




WS-Security v1.1 Public Review Begins

The OASIS Web Services Security TC has submitted v1.1 of WS-Security for 
public review. WS-Security provides a technical foundation for 
implementing security functions in messages implementing higher-level 
Web services applications. The submission package includes v1.1 of the 
following specifications: Message Security; SAML Token Profile; x509 
Token Profile; Kerberos Token Profile; Username Token Profile; REL Token 
Profile; and SwA Token Profile. Comments must be received by 10 Sept.





PKI Member Section Publishes New Resources Page

The OASIS Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Resources Pages are designed 
to provide information and links to related information for readers with 
various interests. Listed resources will be updated to reflect the most 
up to date information available on topics pertinent to this dynamic field.




OASIS Coodinates with Other SDOs on Standards for Managing Resources

In an effort to better coordinate cross-industry standards, OASIS has 
joined with other Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) including 
DMTF, IETF, ITU-I, SNIA, TMF and W3C. The initial focus to of the group 
will be to develop a “landscape document” which will include 
definitions, taxonomy, and interplay of the specifications of the 
individual organizations.



Adoption Forum to be Held in London

The OASIS Adoption Forum will be held in London at the Russell Hotel, 17 
Oct. The Adoption Forum is a one-day event providing a means for 
interested parties to convene and discuss advances in open standards. 
Current sponsors of this event include BEA Systems, HP, IBM, Innodata 
Isogen, SAP, and Sun Microsystems. Event sponsorship and Exclusive 
Reception Sponsorship are still available.




Upcoming Events


18-22 July 2004

GML and Geo-Spatial Web Services Conference 2005

Vancouver, British Columbia



24-29 July 2005

The XML Summer School 2005

Oxford, United Kingdom


This event is co-sponsored by OASIS, and there is a members-only discount available.

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