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Subject: OASIS News 30 Sept 2005

30 September 2005

Welcome to OASIS News, a weekly update of announcements, accomplishments, and activities for the international standards consortium.

OpenDocument Submitted to ISO JTC1

OASIS has submitted the OpenDocument Format OASIS Standard to the ISO/IEC JTC1 (International Organization for Standardization
International Electrotechnical Commission's Joint Technical Committee) for further approval as a de jure standard. OpenDocument is
an XML-based file format specification for office applications. The U.S. Commonwealth of Massachusetts has recommended all its state
documents migrate to the OpenDocument format by January 2007.



The OASIS Technical Advisory Board (TAB) moves forward with its work agenda, electing Hal Lockhart and Pete Wenzel as co-chairs and
Tim Stevens as recording secretary.

The TAB Symposium Planning Subcommittee is developing a technical theme for the 2006 OASIS Symposium. A call for participation will
be issued in October for the event, which will be held in the Spring.

The TAB Quality Subcommittee has identified a number of work items for improving the quality of technical specifications and of
OASIS electronic tools. The TAB will publish a revised draft of the Artifact Identification Requirements, which reflects comments
received from OASIS members as well as internal TAB discussions.

The TAB Gap Subcommittee is advancing its goal to identify new technical areas for potential OASIS TCs. Previously, the group
created an e-business relationship model of known technical efforts. Now, they plan to interview leading technologists to uncover
missing standard features or new frontiers.


OASIS TCs Use Webinars to Promote Work

OASIS TCs, especially those that have produced approved OASIS Standards, are encouraged to consider hosting webinars to educate
users, promote adoption, solicit feedback, and encourage participation in their work. The OASIS UDDI and ebXML TCs have both held
well attended webinars this year. Organizing a webinar is a shared effort between the TC and OASIS staff. Guidelines for TC webinars
have been posted to the OASIS members-only web site.


OASIS Announces IRC Channel for Members

In response to member requests, OASIS is now conducting a beta test of an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server at irc.oasis-open.org on
ports 6667 (default) and 6669. IRC is a multi-user chat system offering the ability to talk privately or in groups. OASIS members
have the option to use IRC for real-time meeting support and similar unofficial, intermittent communications. It is not
access-limited, however, and will not serve as an official record of a technical committee. During this beta-testing phase,
contributions of technical work may not be made via IRC, and chat channel content is not necessarily spooled or archived. Please
direct any questions about proper use of the service to standards development staff at tc-admin@oasis-open.org.


Ovum Analyst to Provide OASIS Adoption Forum Keynote

The OASIS Adoption Forum will provide an opportunity for active members and interested participants to convene and discuss the
trends, status, and practical applications of Consortium's standards. David Mitchell, an Ovum analyst, will provide the keynote on
Open Standards and Open Source discussing the need of users to play an active role in ensuring that standards are developed to best
meet their needs. The Adoption Forum will also feature presentations from the Netherlands Ministry of Finance on best practices for
e-government, and from the Norwegian Insurance Administration on its ebXML-based national e-health infrastructure. OpenDocument and
Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) will also be featured at a half day event following the forum. Participants are
reminded to make group accommodations by 7 Oct. After this date, reservations will be accepted on a space/rate availability basis.


OASIS Announces Open Standards Day Singapore

OASIS Open Standards Day is a one day conference aimed at providing key Southeast Asian decision makers and IT professionals with an
in-depth view of the XML and Web services standards landscape and technology trends. This year's event will be held at the Nanyang
Polytechnic on 21 Oct and is jointly organized by OASIS and XMLOne Users Group, with support from Nanyang Polytechnic, Infocomm
Development Authority of Singapore, and ITSC Singapore. OASIS President and CEO, Patrick Gannon, will be providing the keynote.


OASIS Seeks to Expand Technology Team

OASIS is accepting resumes for a Systems Administrator/Web Developer. Qualified candidates will have a Bachelor's degree in Computer
Science or related field, and at least five years experience in systems administration and commercial web development. Technical
skills include programming languages such as C, Perl, and PHP, with preference for individuals with knowledge of LAMP, Python, Zope,
and XML-related technologies. Experience in working with internet protocols is also required. This position is based in Billerica,

For additional information please contact hr@oasis-open.org.


11-12 Oct
Leaders in Integration
Tysons Corner, VA, USA
This event is cosponsored by OASIS.

17-18 Oct
OASIS Adoption Forum
OpenDocument and DITA Focus
London, United Kingdom
These events are hosted by OASIS.

17-18 Oct
Service Oriented Architectures Conference Houston, TX, USA 
This event is cosponsored by OASIS.

17-19 Oct
Business Process eXcellence Summit
San Diego, CA, USA
This event is cosponsored by OASIS.

18-19 Oct
SOA and Web Services Best Practices
Chicago, IL, USA
This event is cosponsored by OASIS.

19-21 Oct
SOA Summit
San Diego, CA, USA
This event is cosponsored by OASIS.

21 Oct
OASIS Open Standards Day Singapore
Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore
This event is cosponsored by OASIS.
Patrick Gannon will be the keynote speaker.

26-28 Oct
OASIS Open Standards Day Australia
Sydney, Australia
Patrick Gannon will be the keynote speaker.

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