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Subject: OASIS News: 28 August 2006

28 August 2006

Welcome to OASIS News, a weekly update of announcements,
accomplishments, and activities for the international standards


OASIS Updates Its TC Process

The OASIS TC Process, the principal rules for standards development in
OASIS' technical committees, have been amended by the OASIS Board of
Directors. There are several significant process improvements suggested
by members, as well as some clarifications. The rules for starting a new
OASIS technical committee have been improved. Also, the review period
for a new TC proposal is now 30 days, to permit wider review. Compliant
proposals will be posted within five days of receipt, and member
comments invited for two weeks, as a part of the preparations for
launch. While the proposers still will define the committee's scope,
this increased transparency should assist in optimizing new projects and
driving re-use and convergence. OASIS has also added an official method
for adopting "Approved Errata" for existing approved standards, which
will allow committees to give official sanction to errata lists, when
they wish, short of issuing a new version of a spec. The changes are
effective immediately.



Public Review Begins for Web Services Reliable Messaging v1.1

The OASIS Web Services Reliable Exchange (WS-RX) TC has recently
approved the Web Services Reliable Messaging v1.1 and Web Services
Reliable Messaging Policy Assertion v1.1 specification set as a
Committee Draft and approved the package for public review. The public
ends 21 October 2006.



Public Review Begins for Web Services Resource Metadata v1.0

The OASIS Web Services Resource Framework (WSRF) TC has recently
approved the Web Services Resource Metadata v1.0 specification as a
Committee Draft and approved the package for public review. The public
review ends 22 October 2006. Comments may be submitted to the TC by any
person through the use of the OASIS TC Comment Facility on the TC



Ongoing Public Reviews

60-day review of oBIX v1.0 ends 12 Sept.

60-day review of XLIFF v1.2 ends 12 Sept.

60-day review of OpenDocument v1.1 ends 25 Sept.



30 August
XML and technical documentation - with DITA case study
Culemborg, Netherlands

11-13 September
OpenOffice.org Conference (OOoCon 2006)
Lyon, France

24-27-29 September
Open Publish
Baltimore, MD

2-4 October
AJAX World Conference & Exhibition 2006
Santa Clara, California

11-12 October
TMRA 2006 - Leveraging the Semantics
Leipzig, Germany

19-20 October
ITU-T and OASIS Workshop and Demonstration of Advances in ICT Standards
for Public Warning
Geneva, Switzerland

25-27 October
OASIS Open Standards
Sydney, Australia

2-3 November
DITA Europe Conference 2006
Frankfurt, Germany

8-9 November
OASIS Open Standards Day Germany
Wiesbaden, Germany

13-17 November
UBL International 2006
Copenhagen, Denmark

28-29 November
OASIS Adoption Forum
London, UK

OASIS News is published in English, Japanese, and Korean. Volunteers to
translate the newsletter into other languages are welcome; contact

Archives: http://www.oasis-open.org/news/oasis_news_archive.php
Join OASIS: http://www.oasis-open.org/join/

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