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Subject: OASIS Adoption Forum: Call for Presentations - Deadline 31 August

Presentation proposals will be accepted until 31 August <

Enabling Efficiency Between Government, Business and the Citizen
OASIS ADOPTION FORUM 2006: Secure Interactions, Data Management in Sector
28-29 November 2006
London, UK
**Co-Located with eema's "A Focus on Current e-Identity Applications" on
27-28 November  <http://www.eema.org/>**

The third annual OASIS Adoption Forum seeks to educate and expose security
leaders and professionals to the tools, standards and implementations that
are transforming security interactions and relationships between citizens,
businesses, governmental institutions and agencies. With increasing threats
encompassing everything from hacking to identity theft, providing a secure
environment is a major objective for companies, governments, and
organizations worldwide. OASIS is accepting proposals that examine new
security approaches and developing security technologies, as well as
security-related case studies within the aerospace, financial, logistics,
health, insurance, and other aspects of e-government.
Submissions addressing (but not limited to) the following topics are

*	Interoperability and Open Standards for Secure Interactions
*	Identity Management and Case Studies
*	Access Control and Case Studies
*	Security in Web Services and Case Studies
*	Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
*	ITU-T Recommendations
*	SOA and Security

Additional details on the above topic areas, as well as the submission
guidelines may be found at:

>> Don't forget to learn more about "Exhibiting at the Event" -

Exhibiting during the Forum will provide your company with an inexpensive,
high-profile position at the event. The cost of the table-top space is
included in the event sponsorship package. If you are interested in
increasing your company's industry awareness, identifying and contacting
strategic partners, expanding your network, and/or strengthening existing
relationships this event will be a good fit for you. Exhibits will be
accessible throughout the entire event and highlighted during special
networking functions to provide maximum exposure. Space is allocated on a
first-come first-served basis. There are a limited number of exhibit spaces
to preserve the informality of the event and to maximize exhibitor exposure
in a more productive and substantive manner.  If you are interested in
becoming a sponsor of the event, please contact Kurt Sollod
(kurt.sollod@oasis-open.org) for more details.

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