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Subject: OASIS News: 21 August 2006

21 August 2006

Welcome to OASIS News, a weekly update of announcements,
accomplishments, and activities for the international standards


OASIS Announces Newly Seated Board of Directors and Technical Advisory

OASIS issued a press release today to announce its newly seated Board of
Directors and Technical Advisory Board (TAB). Paul Knight of Nortel was
elected, and Ed Cobb of BEA Systems, Robert Glushko, Ph.D, of the
University of California, Berkeley, Frederick Hirsch of Nokia, and Jeff
Mischkinsky of Oracle were re-elected to the OASIS Board of Directors.
The OASIS Board of Directors is chaired by Eduardo Gutentag of Sun
Microsystems and also includes John Jackson of General Motors, Chris
Kurt of Microsoft, Claus von Riegen of SAP and Michael Winters of IBM,
as well as Patrick Gannon, who has an appointed seat on the Board of
Directors as President and CEO of OASIS. Newly elected TAB members
include Abbie Barbir of Nortel, Bill Barnhill of Booz Allen Hamilton,
Jacques Durand of Fujitsu Limited, and Andy Lee of China's Changfeng
Open Standards Platform Software Alliance. They join existing TAB
members, Martin Chapman, Ph.D. of Oracle, William Cox, Ph.D., Pete
Wenzel of Sun Microsystems, and Hal Lockhart of BEA Systems, who chairs
the TAB.



OASIS CEO Visits China

Patrick Gannon spoke at several events hosted by OASIS members in
Beijing last week, including the Digital Innovate China Conference,
hosted by Digital China, and the SOA Strategy conference, hosted by
Changfeng Alliance. Patrick also represented OASIS at the ODF
Conference, hosted by China 2000, the creators of Red Office, which now
supports ODF. He attended briefings by Beijing Sursen on their UOML
Proposal, recently launched as a new OASIS discussion list. Patrick
expressed appreciation for the support demonstrated by the local Chinese
employees of OASIS multi-national members, as well as the enthusiasm of
software vendors, system integrators, standards organizations and
government officials in China.



Consortium approves Guidelines for Filenames, URIs, Namespaces, and Metadata

Members of OASIS have approved the "Guidelines for Filenames, URIs,
Namespaces, and Metadata". The rules presented in this document are
concerned chiefly with resources targeted for publication in the OASIS
Open Library. OASIS would like to thank the OASIS Technical Advisory
Board (TAB) and all those that took time to review and comment on
numerous drafts. This document will be updated periodically;
notification of updates will be posted to the members list.



Ongoing Public Reviews

60-day review of oBIX v1.0 ends 12 Sept.

60-day review of XLIFF v1.2 ends 12 Sept.

60-day review of OpenDocument v1.1 ends 25 Sept.


Sponsor Workshop and Demonstration of Advances in ICT Standards for
Public Warning

Sponsorship opportunities are available for the first international
workshop on standards for public warning, to be held in Geneva, 19-20
October 2006. Hosted by the ITU-T and OASIS, and the event will attract
high-level, public sector officials from various nations. Attendees will
come together to gain and share knowledge of public warning systems,
implementations and experiences. Opportunities to establish co-operative
relationships for key players from both the public and private sectors
will be provided. For more information on sponsorship, contact



Deadline Nears for Adoption Forum Presentations

The OASIS Adoption Forum, to be held 28-29 November in London, will
focus on the tools, standards, and implementations that are transforming
security interactions and relationships between citizens, businesses,
governmental institutions, and agencies. Potential speakers are
especially encouraged to submit presentations related to: the SAML OASIS
Standard (ITU X.1141) as a foundation for identity management; the XACML
OASIS Standard (ITU X.1142) as a foundation for representing and
evaluating access control policies; the use of biometric identity
information in Web services; and wider issues related to SOA and
security, for example, how security fits into an SOA framework. The
submission deadline is 31 August.




21-25 August
DITA Boot Camp
Wakefield, MA, USA

30 August
XML and technical documentation - with DITA case study
Culemborg, Netherlands

11-13 September
OpenOffice.org Conference (OOoCon 2006)
Lyon, France

24-27-29 September
Open Publish
Baltimore, MD

2-4 October
AJAX World Conference & Exhibition 2006
Santa Clara, California

11-12 October
TMRA 2006 - Leveraging the Semantics
Leipzig, Germany

19-20 October
ITU-T and OASIS Workshop and Demonstration of Advances in ICT Standards
for Public Warning
Geneva, Switzerland

25-27 October
OASIS Open Standards
Sydney, Australia

2-3 November
DITA Europe Conference 2006
Frankfurt, Germany

8-9 November
OASIS Open Standards Day Germany
Wiesbaden, Germany

13-17 November
UBL International 2006
Copenhagen, Denmark

28-29 November
OASIS Adoption Forum
London, UK

OASIS News is published in English, Japanese, and Korean. Volunteers to
translate the newsletter into other languages are welcome; contact

Archives: http://www.oasis-open.org/news/oasis_news_archive.php
Join OASIS: http://www.oasis-open.org/join/

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