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Subject: OASIS News: 12 Feb 2007

12 February 2007

Welcome to OASIS News, a bi-weekly update of announcements, accomplishments,
and activities for the international standards consortium.

WebCGM 2.0 Becomes an OASIS Standard and W3C Recommendation 

The World Wide Web Consortium and OASIS jointly announced the approval of
WebCGM 2.0 as a W3C Recommendation and OASIS Standard. WebCGM is a profile of
the Computer Graphics Metafile, an ISO standard used to interchange two
dimensional vector and mixed vector-raster graphics for technical illustration,
documentation and data visualization. Advanced by the OASIS CGM Open Member
Section, WebCGM is optimized for Web applications used in the defense,
aviation, architecture, and transportation industries.


OASIS WS-SX TC Submits Spec for Consideration as OASIS Standard

The OASIS Web Services Secure Exchange (WS-SX) TC has submitted the WS-Trust
1.3 and WS-SecureConversation 1.3 specification set to be considered as an
OASIS Standard. WS-Trust provides methods for issuing, renewing, and validating
security tokens and ways to broker trust relationships. WS-SecureConversation
allows security context establishment and sharing and session key derivation.
On 16 February 2007, a Call for Vote on this specification set will be issued
to all OASIS member organizations.


Registration Opens, TAB Announces Program for OASIS Symposium 

The OASIS Technical Advisory Board has selected an impressive line-up of
presentations for the fourth annual OASIS Symposium, to be held in San Diego,
California, 15-18 April. This year, both business and technology tracks will be
offered on the theme of "eBusiness and Open Standards: Understanding the Facts,
Fiction, and Future." Topics include eBusiness Document Standards, Identity
Management, Business Document and Content, eGov Strategies, Web Services,
Leveraging SOA, and more. All OASIS members are strongly encouraged to attend,
and non-members are also welcome. Save 100 USD by registering before 19 March.
Exhibit and sponsorship opportunities are also available; contact


Five Committees Transition to Royalty Free on Limited Terms IPR Mode
Members of the OASIS Customer Information Quality (CIQ), DocBook, ebXML
Registry, Extensible Resource Identifier (XRI, RELAX NG, and Tax XML Technical
Committees all voted to adopt the "RF on Limited Terms" IPR mode for their
work. This mode requires all Obligated Parties to license their Essential
Claims using Royalty Free licensing elements as described in the OASIS IPR


UDDI XML.org Launches

UDDI becomes the latest addition to the XML.org family of web sites that
support communities-of-interest for OASIS Standards. UDDI XML.org provides a
knowledge base of educational information, as well as a collaborative resource
where  readers share news, events, product listings, services, case studies,
testimonials, and recommendations. Sponsors for XML.org sites including UDDI,
DITA, and OpenDocument are welcome; contact peter.roden@oasis-open.org for


OASIS Publishes White Paper on Election Markup Language

The OASIS Election and Voter Services TC explains how EML provides a uniform,
reliable way to allow systems that support the election process to
interoperate. The standard has been designed for use in both public and private
elections, for voter registration, balloting, e-counting and communication of
results. According to TC chair, John Borras, this new white paper "will help
those involved in e-elections get a clearer picture of the options they should
be considering and why."


OASIS Issues Trademark Policy

The OASIS Board of Directors approved a modification to the trademark policy to
more clearly state that OASIS welcomes references to and implementation of its
specifications, while reserving the right to protect its marks against
misleading uses. Corresponding adjustments to document templates will be


DITA XML.org Welcomes XyEnterprise as Sponsor

XyEnterprise, provider of out-of-the-box XML content management and publishing
solutions, has become the newest sponsor of DITA XML.org. XyEnterprise joins
other DITA XML.org sponsors, Adobe, Astoria, Comtech, Innodata Isogen, PTC, and



Ongoing Public Reviews

- ebXML-IIC Deployment Profile Templates, ends 7 Mar

- eContracts v1.0, ends 27 Mar

Events Co-sponsored by OASIS:

7-9 Mar 
Open Publish 2007
Baltimore, MD, USA

12-15 Mar 
LISA Forum Asia: China Focus
Beijing, China

19-21 Mar
AJAXWorld Conference & Expo
New York, NY, USA

20-21 Mar
Topic Maps 2007
Oslo, Norway

26-28 Mar
Content Management Strategies/DITA North America 2007
Boston, MA, USA


OASIS News is published in English, Japanese, Korean, and Russian. Volunteers
to translate the newsletter into other languages are welcome; contact

Archives: http://www.oasis-open.org/news/oasis_news_archive.php

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