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Subject: OASIS News: 9 April 2007

9 April 2007

Welcome to OASIS News, a bi-weekly update of announcements, accomplishments,
and activities for the international open standards consortium.


* Nominations open for OASIS Board and TAB
* Test Assertions Guidelines (TAG) TC forms
* Countdown to Symposium begins
* Discussion list opens on document standards interoperability
* OASIS WSRF TC completes work
* Committees transition IPR mode
* OASIS welcomes new Sponsors: Australian DEST, Jericho Systems, 
  Rogue Wave, and World Bank

Nominations open for OASIS Board and TAB

OASIS is now seeking candidates to fill five seats on its Board of Directors
and four seats on its Technical Advisory Board (TAB). Board directors and TAB
members each serve two-year terms. Any OASIS member organization may nominate
candidates; nominees are not required to be members of the Consortium. A
distinctive characteristic of OASIS is that its leadership is elected by the
membership and not tied to financial contribution, corporate standing, or staff
appointment. Everyone is encouraged to thoughtfully consider participation in
the election process.


Test Assertions Guidelines (TAG) TC forms

Members of OASIS have organized a TC to facilitate the creation and use of test
assertions by OASIS Committees and others in an effort to improve the overall
quality of standards. Proposers of the OASIS TAG TC include representatives
from Fujitsu, the Korean Institute for Electronic Commerce, Sun Microsystems,
and the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Convened by
Jacques Durand of Fujitsu, the TC's first meeting will be a teleconference on 3
May 3.


Countdown to Symposium begins

Registrations are still being accepted for the fourth annual OASIS Symposium.
This year's event on "eBusiness and Open Standards: Understanding the Facts,
Fiction, and Future" will be held 15-20 April in San Diego, California. The
Symposium will begin with a keynote by Bob Sutor, Open Source and Standards VP
at IBM, and will close with an interactive panel where top executives from BEA
Systems, EDS, IBM, Primeton, SAP, and Sun Microsystems debate SOA and Web
services methods. Other highlights include TC Lightning Rounds, tabletop
displays, the OASIS Annual General Members Meeting, an OASIS Board of Directors
session open to members, and a special reception sponsored by the Changfeng
Alliance. Two Wednesday Workshops--on OpenDocument and on WS-BPEL--will be free
to Symposium attendees or available separately.

Note: Attendees who blog about the Symposium are asked to email
communications@oasis-open.org. Links to Symposium-related blogs will be
promoted at the event and online.


Discussion list opens on document standards interoperability 

OASIS has created a new discussion list to explore the possibility of forming a
technical committee to address the development and documentation of scenarios
for cross-standard content sharing. Subscribers to the list will discuss the
creation of a specification for an interoperability framework (including
mappings from participating standard formats to the framework), as well as
requirements on participating standards to improve interoperability. This mail
list will remain open for 90 days. Anyone, including OASIS members and
non-members, may subscribe in order to discuss the merits and possibility of
the proposed project.


OASIS WSRF TC completes work

After producing version 1.2 of the Web Services Resource Framework (WSRF) and
successfully advancing the specification through the open standardization
process, the OASIS WSRF TC is now closed. WSRF provides a standardized,
interoperable platform for resource-based Web services that is widely used
around the world. The Consortium congratulates TC co-chairs, David Snelling of
Fujitsu and Ian Robinson of IBM, and all the members of the OASIS WSRF TC for
their contributions and dedication to this effort. The TC's work, including its
email archives, will remain permanently accessible to the public.


Committees transition IPR mode

Five TCs recently transitioned to "RF on Limited Terms" mode, as defined by the
OASIS Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy. These include the OASIS ebXML
Messaging Services, Election and Voter Services, Public Key Infrastructure
Adoption, SOA Reference Model, and Web Services for Remote Portlets Committees.
The OASIS Provisioning Services TC transitioned to the "RF on RAND Terms" IPR


OASIS welcomes new Sponsor-level members: 

* Australian Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST)
(www.dest.gov.au/) develops and implements national policies to ensure the
continuing relevance of education, science and training to contemporary needs
and the growing requirement for lifelong learning. 

* Jericho Systems (www.jerichosystems.com) offers enterprise systems, software
and services based on the SAML, XACML, and WS-Security OASIS Standards, as well
as SOAP.

* Rogue Wave (www.roguewave.com) delivers reusable software components and
services for enterprise-class application development and high performance SOA.
Rogue Wave recently upgraded from Contributor- to Sponsor-level membership in

* The World Bank (www.worldbank.org/) provides financial and technical
assistance to developing countries around the world. 

Present on OASIS work at conferences

Upcoming deadlines

9 April:
   OASIS IDtrust Member Section Steering Committee elections

11 April:
   OASIS Symposium advance registration (re-opens onsite 15 April)

12 April:
   WS-SecurityPolicy 1.2 public review

19 April:
   WebCGM v2.0 errata public review

1 May:
   OASIS Board and TAB nominations

4 May:
   DITA v1.1 public review

OASIS News is published in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian. Volunteers
to translate the newsletter into other languages are welcome; contact

Archives: http://www.oasis-open.org/news/oasis_news_archive.php

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