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Subject: The OASIS Symposium is just weeks away!

OASIS Symposium 2007
eBusiness and Open Standards: Understanding the Facts, Fiction, and Future
15 - 20 April -- San Diego, California

Key players in our open standards community will come together during the
Symposium to express their viewpoints, compare notes, make connections, and
explore open standards as solutions for eBusiness and eGovernment.

This year's event opens with a look into our current REAL open standards
world by Bob Sutor, Open Source and Standards VP at IBM, and closes with an
interactive panel where top executives from Sun Microsystems, BEA Systems,
SAP, Primeton, IBM and EDS will debate SOA and Web services methods.

Attend and Discover
. How technologies can combine to resolve eGov challenges and drive SOA
. New approaches to identity management
. Important factors for future generations of eGov applications
. Unique strategies for publishing with DocBook, DITA, & OpenDocument
. New ways to support public & private sector business exchanges
. Benefits & challenges to eBusiness process standardization
. Ways to leverage SOA and Web services
. What initiatives eGovernments are involved in and those they are closely
. Challenges we'll face in the future and much more...

In addition to the full Symposium program, attendees will have an
opportunity to select from one of the many hands-on tutorials & workshops

. Background, concepts, interoperability, and security of an SOA
. Practical deployments using SCA technology
. Key technologies related to end-to-end resource planning
. Discussions on the deployment and management of SOA solutions
. Real-world stories on UBL customizations (OIOUBL)
. Success factors for standards
. WS-BPEL business value
. Why pubic policy change in major governments is accelerating the adoption
of ODF?


Don't forget about the special briefings for TC Members. Attend these
sessions to learn valuable ways to make your committee work easier

Other event highlights include:

- OASIS TC Lightning Rounds - a fast and fun way to track related committee
work and make valuable connections

- Tabletop Displays - featuring eBusiness and standards technology leaders

- OASIS Annual General Members Meeting - a state of the union address from
OASIS Board of Directors

- OASIS Board Meeting - an opportunities for members to learn first-hand
what lies ahead for OASIS

- Book Table Display & Raffle - donate or win a book

- Pool-side Reception, sponsored by the Changfeng Alliance - a great way to
meet new people, share ideas and a libation or two!

Vendors and users, regulators and legislators, developers and consultants,
researchers and analysts, won't want to miss this unique opportunity
contribute to the dialogue that will shape how enterprises and governments
conduct trade, manage assets and interact with constituents.

Register Today!  <www.oasis-open.org/events/symposium/2007/registration.php>
If you have questions, we'll be happy to answer them: phone OASIS at +1
978/667-5115 ext. 214.

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