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Subject: OASIS News: 21 May 2007

21 May 2007

Welcome to OASIS News, a bi-weekly update of announcements, accomplishments,
and activities for the international open standards consortium.


* Elections for OASIS Board and TAB open
* Members vote on CAM and WS-ReliableMessaging as OASIS Standards
* Public review begins for Code List Representation
* Members propose new Search Web Services TC
* Three TCs close as IRP transition period ends
* Registration continues for free ebXML Webinar Week
* OASIS invites organizations to participate in Member Section Program 
* Upcoming deadlines

Elections for OASIS Board and TAB open 

Primary Representatives from OASIS member organizations are asked to select
five candidates to serve two-year terms on the consortium's Board of Directors.
Nominees include Peter Brown of Pensive.eu, Mike DeNicola of Fujitsu, Rik
Drummond of Drummond Group, Bob Freund of Hitachi, Eduardo Gutentag of Sun
Microsystems, Jim Hughes of Microsoft, Claus von Riegen of SAP, and Michael
Winters of IBM. Candidate profiles are posted for review, and members may share
views on the candidates by emailing the publicly archived list,
oasis-member-discuss@lists.oasis-open.org. Elections close 15 June. 

Hal Lockhart of BEA Systems, Bill Cox, Martin Chapman of Oracle, and Madhav
Vodnala of Fiorano Software have accepted nominations for the four open seats
on the Technical Advisory Board.


Members vote on CAM and WS-ReliableMessaging as OASIS Standards

Two specification sets have been submitted for balloting as OASIS Standards:
Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM) 1.1 and WS-ReliableMessaging 1.1. CAM provides
an open XML-based system for using business rules to define, validate and
compose specific business documents from generalized schema elements and
structures. WS-ReliableMessaging describes a protocol that allows messages to
be transferred reliably between nodes implementing this protocol in the
presence of software component, system, or network failures. Members who wish
to discuss either of these specifications may do so through
member-discuss@lists.oasis-open.org. Ballots will remain open until Thursday,
31 May 2007.

CAM: http://www.oasis-open.org/archives/members/200705/msg00009.html

Members propose new Search Web Services TC

A new OASIS TC to define search and retrieval Web services has been proposed.
The group would work to develop a web service interface specification covering
search/retrieval, query, sorting, record retrieval, and index browsing. Ray
Denenberg of the US Library of Congress has agreed to serve as convener of this
TC. A proposed charter is available for review, and members are invited to
comment by 29 May. 


Public review begins for Code List Representation

The OASIS Code List Representation TC has approved Code List Representation
(Genericode) Version 1.0 as a Committee Draft and submitted the specification
for public review. The specification defines an XML format for the interchange,
documentation and management of controlled vocabularies or coded value
enumerations in any processing context. The review ends 16 July.


Three TCs close as IPR transition period ends

The OASIS Web Services Business Process Execution Language (WSBPEL) TC, Web
Services Composite Application Framework (WS-CAF) TC, and Digital Signature
Services (DSS) TC have all concluded operations. The TCs, which were formed
under the legacy OASIS Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy, did not
achieve the consensus needed to transition to the current IPR Policy.


Registration continues for free ebXML Webinar Week

The OASIS ebXML Technical Committees will host a week of free webinars devoted
to the ebXML OASIS Standards (ISO 15000). A different standard will be featured
each day, Monday through Thursday, 4-7 June, at 3:00 PM GMT (8:00 AM San
Francisco, 11:00 AM Boston, 4:00 PM London). Attendees will learn about the
current state of the standards from the people who created them and who
continue to advance this foundational work. 


OASIS invites organizations to participate in Member Section Program 

Member Sections maintain their own identities as distinct organizations while
gaining access to OASIS infrastructure, resources, reputation, administrative
support, and expertise. The program is designed to meet the needs of groups
interested in creating open standards, as well as those seeking to articulate
business requirements, promote adoption of existing standards, or advocate for
interoperable solutions.



Start a new committee to advance adoption of an existing standard

Upcoming deadlines

31 May:
  Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM) 1.1 as OASIS Standard ballot

  WS-ReliableMessaging 1.1 as OASIS Standard ballot

8 Jun:
  Emergency Data Exchange (EDXL-RM) 1.0 public review

10 Jun:
  Election Markup Language (EML) 5.0 public review

15 Jun:
  OASIS Board and TAB elections

9 Jul:
  Document standards interoperability discussion list  

16 Jul:
  Code List Representation 1.0 public review

OASIS News is published in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian. Volunteers
to translate the newsletter into other languages are welcome; contact

Archives: http://www.oasis-open.org/news/oasis_news_archive.php

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