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Subject: Discover News Ways to Reduce Costs and Successfully Deliver Connected Services at the Open Standards Forum 2007

Enabling Transformational Government through Web Services and SOA at the
"Open Standards Forum 2007"
29-30 October 2007

* produced by OASIS (www.oasis-open.org)
* hosted by CA at their historic 900-year old Ditton Manor
* sponsored by BEA, Sun, SAP, EDS, Primeton, and IBM and supported by Butler
Group, CEN/ISSS, ICTSB, and XMLUK.org

For governments involved in strategic transformation programmes, reducing
costs and delivering connected services is a requirement. So, if your
organisation is involved in developing or delivering connected services or
reducing the cost of operations or improving the reuse of software
application components, you need to take advantage of this unique
opportunity to learn from those who have front-line experience.

Join experts from China, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, UK
and the US as they present real-world case studies designed to educate
delegates on topics such as: 

- adopting SOA as an agent of business change,
- delivering new opportunities and optimizations into government
- discovering recent standards for Web service reliability and security,
business process and e-business connectivity,
- constructing applications and business systems that are agile and
adaptable to changing requirements,
- developing a unified approach to creating and packaging complex
applications that focuses on the business function,
- providing consistent outcome in complex multi-party business operations,
- improving the quality of services for security and messaging.

Presentations have been hand-picked to inform delegates on the challenges
ahead, the pitfalls, and successful paths within the SOA and Web services
community. You will have plenty of time for networking with the speakers and
other delegates to further enhance your learning experience.  

Registration and hotel bookings are now being accepted:

> Register Online: 
> http://events.oasis-open.org/home/forum/2007/registration
Special discounts are available for OASIS members, groups, and
members/clients of our supporting organisations:  Butler Group, CEN/ISSS,
ICTSB, and XMLUK.org. 

> Hotel Reservations: 
> http://events.oasis-open.org/home/forum/2007/venue#hotel
Book your hotel by 20 October to receive the special group rate of 111 GBP
(including VAT and Breakfast). More details found online. 

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