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Subject: OASIS News: 4 Feb 2008

4 Feb 2008

Welcome to OASIS News, a bi-weekly update of announcements, accomplishments,
and activities for the international open standards consortium.

Committee announcements:
* XLIFF 1.2 becomes an OASIS Standard
* OASIS issues Call for Participation in new BPEL4People TC
* Solution Deployment Descriptor (SDD) public review begins
* Production Planning and Scheduling (PPS) public review begins

Other news:
* TAB announces program for "Composability within SOA" symposium
* IDtrust XML.org launches
* LegalXML welcomes new leadership
* OASIS CEO summarizes consortium accomplishments in 2007

XLIFF 1.2 becomes an OASIS Standard

Members have approved version 1.2 of the XML Localisation Interchange File
Format (XLIFF) as an OASIS Standard. XLIFF enables localizable data to be
stored and carried from one step of the localization process to the other,
while allowing interoperability between tools. Congratulations to XLIFF TC
co-chairs, Bryan Schnabel and Tony Jewtushenko,
and to all TC participants including the representatives of IBM, Lionbridge,
Oracle, Red Hat, and SAP AG, for this accomplishment.


OASIS issues Call for Participation in new BPEL4People TC 

Members of OASIS have formed a new TC to extend the WS-BPEL 2.0 OASIS Standard
to enable human interactions. Proposers of the OASIS WS-BPEL Extension for
People (BPEL4People) TC include representatives of four OASIS Foundational
Sponsors--BEA, IBM, SAP, and Sun Microsystems--as well as Sponsor members,
Active Endpoints, Adobe, Axway, Fujitsu, NIST, Oracle, Software AG, and others.
The TC's first meeting will be a teleconference on 5 March. New participants
are welcome.


Solution Deployment Descriptor (SDD) public review begins

The OASIS SDD TC has approved SDD version 1.0 as a Committee Draft and
submitted it for public review. The specification defines a standardized way to
express software installation characteristics required for lifecycle management
in a multi-platform environment. The review ends 18 March.


Production Planning and Scheduling (PPS) public review begins

The OASIS PPS TC has approved a package containing three specifications as a
Committee Draft and submitted it for public review. The package includes
version 1.0 PPS Core Elements, Transaction Messages, and Profile
Specifications. PPS defines common object models and schemas for collaborative
planning and scheduling in manufacturing. The review ends 18 March.


TAB announces program for "Composability within SOA" symposium

The OASIS Technical Advisory Board announced the program for the consortium's
annual symposium, Open Standards 2008, which will be held in Santa Clara,
California, 28 April - 1 May. The event will explore the advantages of applying
Service-Oriented Architecture techniques for assembling and tuning applications
developed on different platforms and managed by different owners. Attendees
will learn how others are addressing challenges and explore why open standards
are critical to success. The event is supported by the OASIS Open CSA Member
Section and the IDC analyst group; Sponsors include SAP, Primeton, Software AG,
BEA, IBM, and Sun Microsystems. Early-bird registration discounts end 17 March.


IDtrust XML.org launches

The OASIS IDtrust Member Section introduces IDtrust XML.org, a community
gathering place and information resource for identity and trusted
infrastructure standards including the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Digital
Signature Services (DSS) OASIS Standard, Enterprise Key Management
Infrastructure (EKMI), Extensible Resource Identifier (XRI), and other related
specifications. IDtrust XML.org is an open, vendor-neutral site, and the public
is encouraged to contribute to its wiki, news links, events calendar, products
directory, forums and blogs. For information on site sponsorship, contact


LegalXML welcomes new leadership

Marc Aronson of the Pennsylvania Association of Notaries and James Harris of
the U.S. National Center for State Courts have been elected to serve on the
Steering Committee of the OASIS LegalXML Member Section. They join other
Steering Committee members, Rolly Chambers, Mark Ladd, and Roger Winters. These
individuals provide governance for LegalXML, which works to create standards
for the electronic exchange of legal data.


OASIS CEO summarizes consortium accomplishments in 2007

In a message to members, Patrick Gannon, president and CEO of OASIS, reflected
on some of the consortium's accomplishments from last year. He noted that 16
OASIS Standards and 25 Committee Specifications were approved in 2007, and five
new Member Sections and 13 new TCs were formed. Of the 64 TCs currently at
work, 63 operate in one of the two Royalty-Free modes defined by the OASIS
Intellectual Property Rights Policy.


Important dates

9 Feb:
 Public reviews for five SAML 2.0 specs end

4-6 Mar:
 IDtrust co-sponsors symposium with NIST

5 Mar:
 BPEL4People TC holds first meeting (teleconference)

17 Mar:
 Early-bird discount for Open Standards 2008 SOA symposium ends

18 Mar:
 Public review for Solution Deployment Descriptor (SDD) ends

 Public review for Production Planning and Scheduling (PPS) ends

28 Apr - 1 May:
 OASIS hosts 'Open Standards 2008: SOA Composability' symposium

Correction: The 17 Jan 2008 issue of OASIS News incorrectly listed Axway,
Fujitsu, NIST as co-proposers of the BPEL4People TC draft charter. 

OASIS News is published in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.
Volunteers to translate the newsletter into other languages are welcome;
contact communications@oasis-open.org.

Archives: http://www.oasis-open.org/news/oasis_news_archive.php

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