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Subject: OASIS Executive Director

Dear OASIS Members,

on behalf of the OASIS Board of Directors, I'm pleased to announce
that Laurent Liscia will become the new OASIS Executive Director,
effective 23 June 2008.

Our executive search lasted barely four months. The speed with which
we were able to fill this position is testament to the strength
of all the candidates who applied. It is also indicative of the
notably strong impression that Laurent made on the Board during
our process of getting to know him.

Laurent comes to us with more than 12 years experience as CEO or
COO of various IT companies. He speaks English, French, Spanish,
and Italian. He holds a doctorate from the Sorbonne University and
has worked in France, Canada, Italy, Ecuador, Morocco and the United
States. He holds dual US and European citizenship, and currently
lives in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

The Board is very impressed by Laurent's enthusiasm and dynamism,
his smarts, capabilities and learning ability, as well as by his
inter-personal skills. The Board is confident we have someone
at the helm now who will be effective in managing our internal
operations, in setting a realistic and fiscally responsible budget,
and in bringing the finesse, flair and seasoned multi-cultural
perspective that an international organization like ours needs in
order to serve our members around the world while maintaining and
enhancing our strong alliances with other standards organizations.

We are confident that Laurent will help us think outside the box,
or perhaps even redefine the box, injecting novelty and imagination
into the equation, while maintaining the principles of openness
and transparency upon which OASIS rests.

Please join me in welcoming Laurent to OASIS and assist him in any
way you can as he immerses himself into our community.

Eduardo Gutentag
OASIS President and Chairman of the Board
+1 510-550-4616

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