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Subject: How Does Web Services Apply in Smart Grid?

OASIS Blue Connect

How Does Web Services Apply in Smart Grid?


With a $43b stimulus package in place, interoperability standards developments in high gear, and the implementation of Smart Grid taking place, the OASIS Blue Connect is a new conference focused on web services standards in the context of a the future of Smart Grid and energy.

Web Standards for Smart Grid
Profiles, WS-DD and WS-DP
OASIS Blue Initiative
Integrated Emergency Management
Impact of Stimulus on Smart Grid

OASIS Blue Connect examines the role open standards play in realizing the goals of smart energy grids and intelligent buildings. The conference will investigate how existing standards for eCommerce, security, emergency management, building automation, Web services, and SOA can be applied to the Smart Grid.

Keynotes: From legendary creator of the Ethernet to a leading .NET software architect to a Kleiner Perkins partner and a Googler former astronaut, the keynote lineup will join 180 speakers to discuss the imperative of applying information technology to management of energy.

Why You Should Attend

  • Understand the full Smart Grid landscape
  • Identify opportunities for products, solutions and services
  • Hear from industry experts on Smart Meter Deployment
  • Learn about the NIST Roadmap for Smart Grid Interoperability
  • Explore investment opportunities in Smart Grid and Energy
  • Meet with key Smart Grid experts

Conference Designed for

  • Product and service developers
  • Entrepreneurs with an interest in Smart Grid
  • Smart Grid vendors and technology companies
  • Energy consumer advocates
  • Utility regulators and policy makers (federal, state & local)
  • Investment and financial communities

Co-Located Conferences

Additional Topics

  • Connected Transportation and PHEV
  • Interoperability of Energy Devices
  • Energy Policy around the future of electricity
  • Green Job creation from Smart Grid
  • How Smart Grid impacts renewable energy
  • Social change around the future of energy

View OASIS Blue Connect Agenda Here!

View ConnectivityWeek Agenda Here





Event Partners




GridWise Alliance

June 8-11, 2009

Santa Clara, CA

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Full Speaker List

View Agenda

Brochure (PDF)

Prospectus (PDF)





For more visit www.OASISBlueConnect.com
Santa Clara, CA - June 8-11, 2009

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