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Subject: Balancing Open Access, Transparency & Accountability | Identity Management 2009 Conference


Early-bird registration ends soon – 31 August…


OASIS is pleased to announce that NIST will host this year's event at their Gaithersburg, Maryland facility.





Barack Obama has directed the U.S. National Security Council and Homeland Security Council "to defend our information and communications infrastructure, strengthen public/private partnerships, invest in cutting edge research and development, and begin a national campaign to promote cyber-security awareness and digital literacy." The U.S. federal government aims to accomplish all of this while becoming increasingly open and transparent.  President Obama also vowed not to dictate security standards to private companies and not to monitor private sector networks or Internet traffic, promising to "preserve and protect personal privacy and civil liberties."


How do we balance open access, transparency and accountability with security and privacy?


As national and international governments endeavor to provide open, transparent and trusted services, the challenges of managing citizens’ identities and access to information require careful planning, a strong policy focus, and attention to standards and interoperability.


Identity Management 2009 will provide users who are evaluating or looking to deploy security infrastructures with an opportunity to explore the state-of-the-art in security services, standards and products. It will also offer users the opportunity to present and share their use cases, requirements and experiences with some of the leading experts in this field.


Specific topics addressed include:


  • U.S. White House initiative;

  • use of open identity technologies - how standards enable more secure access to sensitive and personal information across government agencies;

  • implementation considerations, especially concerning authentication and whether federated digital identity web platforms completely eliminate the need for multiple usernames and accounts for different agency portals;

  • security risks involved when agencies support social media sites;

  • what privacy protections are possible in federated systems and to what extent can citizens be trusted to manage their own identity attributes;

  • understanding the cloud and its security risks - how to balance its benefits while managing risks;

  • solutions for large public/private enterprises that consume and create enormous amounts of encrypted keys.


Learn more…


REGISTER ONLINE BEFORE 31 AUGUST --- to receive the Early-bird discount!

Advance registration is required and will end 23 September.  No on-site registration will be available.  Attendees from outside the U.S. must review and comply with additional registration requirements outlined on the registration information page.

Registration fees:
~ Government Employee Rate = 250 USD

~ OASIS Member Rate = 250 USD
~ Non OASIS Member Rate = 450 USD



OASIS has secured sleeping rooms at two area hotels:


Reservation Information:  Please reserve your sleeping room as soon as possible.  The above special rates expire on 21 September.  To reserve a room, please call the hotel of choice directly and mention the group account code: OASIS/NIST.


Special Note: OASIS will be arranging for shuttle service to and from the hotel and the NIST facility throughout the two-day event.




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