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Subject: OASIS email services update

OASIS Members,

As you may know, during the period 5-11 July 2010 OASIS experienced some
mail server problems.  Please check the following notes so you may know if
and how this partial outage impacted you.

Mail list services - On 5 July all list mail failed to deliver to the
subscribers, though the messages were all archived at the time sent.  The
queue of messages was delivered on 6 July to all subscribers.  We have no
reports of any lost messages, though it is possible that some local spam
filters caught messages with inconsistent time stamps.  Please let me know
if you sent a message to a list that you think was not delivered.

WorkGroup mailer - automated messages from your TC pages about calendar
activity, document uploads Action Items etc all stopped delivery on 5 July.
Most were delivered on 11 July, though we believe a very small number of
messages timed out and will not be delivered.  If your committee failed to
receive any expected high value WorkGroup mailer messages, please contact me
so I can trigger replacement messages for you.

JIRA Issue Tracker - Automated email messages about new issues or issue
updates between 5 and 11 July were not sent and were not queued.  Anyone who
entered an issue in that time frame should post a note to the TC mail list
to illustrate your JIRA update.

Mail aliases - All mail aliases failed on 5 July, most were restored 6 July,
and all were restored by 11 July.  Any messages sent to an alias during the
outage period either would bounce or was queued for delivery.  Please resend
any message for which you received a bounce message.

Staff mail - Staff mail failed on 5 July.  Starting 6 July staff mail was
restored or back-up services were used in varying degrees up through 11
July.  Any message sent to a staff address that received a bounce reply
should be resent. 

Thank you for your patience during this outage.  We are very sorry for the
interruption to your work and the inconvenience this caused.  Please know
staff was actively working to minimize the impact on your TC work and
restore services as quickly as possible.

Scott McGrath
Senior Director of Member Services & COO

Tel +1 978-667-5115 x202 
Fax +1 978-667-5114

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