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Subject: Nominations open for OASIS Distinguished Contributors Award


OASIS recognizes outstanding members each year through the
distinguished Contributor Award program.  All OASIS members are
eligible and invited to submit nominations.

The "OASIS Distinguished Contributor" award is presented annually to
individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievement based on the
following criteria:

1. Introduction of new work
Distinguished Contributors are evangelists of the OASIS open standards
process. They identify gaps where new activities and standards are
and encourage participation in our consortium.

2. Influence and visibility in the industry
Distinguished Contributors are recognized as leaders and experts in
their fields by peers, the media, and the industry. Their influence
improves the
quality of OASIS work and inspires other members to emulate them.

3. Ability to build consensus
Distinguished Contributors model and facilitate open, inclusive
standards-making, ensuring that all stakeholders are heard and that
technical work is advanced through collaboration.

4. Leadership and service
Distinguished Contributors serve in leadership and influential roles
in OASIS committees and projects. Their participation substantially
raises the
quality and breadth of OASIS technical work.


The 2011 nomination period will extend to 18 April. Any OASIS Member,
Technical Committee, or Member Section may nominate a candidate by
email to member-services@oasis-open.org. Each nomination should
include a brief statement describing the candidate's achievements in
relation to the
above four criteria. Nominations will be treated as
staff-confidential; candidate names will not be publicized unless they
are selected to receive
the award.

Final selection will be made by staff and announced as soon as
deliberations are complete.


Award: Recipients will receive a certificate, and their photos and
profiles will appear on the OASIS web site. Individual-level
memberships for life
will be granted to those who qualify.

Terms: OASIS Distinguished Contributor status is held in perpetuity,
similar to a "Lifetime Achievement Award" or "Hall of Fame". Thus, a
person will not
be named as an OASIS Distinguished Contributor more than once.

Review previous award recipients at

Please contact me with any questions.

Scott McGrath
Senior Director of Member Services and COO

Tel +1 781-425-5073 x202
Fax +1 781-425-5072

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