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Subject: OASIS Website updates and down-times

OASIS Members,

There are some exciting changes coming soon to the OASIS website and
infrastructure that will improve the look and feel, navigation as well
as the overall site performance and stability.  Below are details of
when you can expect downtime for the transition and what improvements
you can expect.

Website updates:

The public information pages, such as www.oasis-open.org, have been
redesigned to improve navigability to key resources and to give the
site a more modern look and feel.  The redesign resulted from input
from web-design experts including Laurent Liscia, and feedback from
hundreds of viewers in our home-page survey. The improvements include:

-More prominent placement of links for Committees and Standards

-New "I want to" drop-down menu that helps people find information
relevant to their specific needs

-a content-management infrastructure, which will enable us to update
the site more easily, better support translated content, and add
functionality over time.

-New TC Category tags that can be easily expanded

This first set of changes impact only the public information pages.
Until we complete the TC workspace upgrade later this year, you will
note that the workspace will retain the old OASIS look and feel with
which you've been familiar.

Scheduled website down-times:

11 April-
There will be ~1 hour down-time after 6 pm EDT to facilitate hardware
upgrades.  Members and the public will notice:
a.  All member section sites (www.ws-i-oasis-open.org, etc)
events.oasis-open.org and xml.org will be down
b. all tools residing on tools.oasis-open.org (wiki, JIRA, SVN, TC
Templates) will not be available
c. all assets behind www.oasis-open.org and lists.oasis-open.org will
remain functional, including all workspace and mail list activities

16 April-
www.oasis-open.org will be updated.  The work is expected to take 6
hours, starting at 10 am EDT.  During this work, the site will display
a  "maintenance mode" message and may deliver the user intermittent
unexpected  performance delays, behaviors.  I recommend you do not
expect to use the OASIS site during maintenance and pursue other "less
interesting" Saturday morning activities -i.e.: go shopping, spend
time with your family, wash your car, wash my car, take a walk in the
park, visit a museum, etc.

All other web and mail system assets will remain functional during
this maintenance work.

Going forward:
The new website has  a "send feedback" link in the footer.  Please use
this to tell us what you think about the website design and
implementation, especially if you find something that does not perform
as you expect.  There is a selection for website feedback mechanism in
the feedback tool that will guide your feedback.

Watch for future email announcements and updates posted to
http://www.oasis-open.org/members/  detailing further infrastructure

As always, feel free to contact me with question or concerns, or just
to tell me what you think about these improvements.


Scott McGrath

Tel +1 781-425-5073 x202
Fax +1 781-425-5072

Follow OASIS on:
 LinkedIn:    http://linkd.in/OASISopen
 Twitter:        http://twitter.com/OASISopen
Facebook:  http://facebook.com/oasis.open

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