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Subject: OASIS News: 19 Feb 2013

Welcome to OASIS News, a bi-weekly update of announcements, accomplishments, and activities for the international open standards consortium.

In this issue:

* Registration opens for OASIS20 anniversary celebration
* Board approves changes to TC Process
* BCM TC considers eDevice patient care informatics project
* Integrated Collaboration Object Model (ICOM) TC publishes Committee Spec
* Altera and Athena become newest OASIS Sponsors
* Pulse Open Cloud Summit to feature TOSCA
* OASIS20 T-shirt Design Contest
* Important dates

Registration opens for OASIS20 anniversary celebration

All members are strongly encouraged to attend this event, which will be held in Santa Clara, California on 3 Apr, as part of the Cloud Connect conference. The celebration will include an open mic session for vetting ideas on new standards projects, briefings on upcoming ballots and public reviews, micro-presentations on Cloud standards, Distinguished Contributor Awards, and the Members & Friends Reception, hosted by Foundational Sponsors, IBM, ISIS Papyrus, Microsoft, and Primeton. There is no cost to attend and guests are welcome, but advance registration is required.


Board approves two changes to TC Process

In response to member feedback, the Committee Notes process has been changed to allow TCs to approve Committee Notes without public review. The second change formalizes the exclusion of commercial specifics such as warranties, manufacturer lists, etc. from OASIS Standards.


BCM TC considers eDevice patient care informatics project

The Business-Centric Methodology (BCM) TC is seeking input on defining methods for medical device and cloud analytic interchange. An open discussion is underway on the OASIS LinkedIn Group.

Integrated Collaboration Object Model (ICOM) TC publishes Committee Specification

ICOM for Interoperable Collaboration Services defines a framework for integrating a broad range of domain models, enabling applications to maintain a complete thread of conversations across multiple collaboration activities. Congratulations to ICOM TC co-chairs, Eric Chan of Oracle and Ken Baclawski of Northeastern University, and to all TC members for accomplishing this milestone.


Altera and Athena become newest OASIS Sponsors

Altera provides programmable logic solutions for system and semiconductor companies. Altera will be participating in the DITA TC. http://www.altera.com

Athena develops secure Java card and native smart card operating systems and applications for government and enterprise. Athena will be participating in the new PKCS TC. http://www.athena-scs.com/

New OASIS Contributors include Gemini Security Solutions, Inspur, isee, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Tandent, WatchSmart, and Wave Systems. Welcome, all.

Pulse Open Cloud Summit to feature TOSCA

Organized by IBM, the Summit will focus on emerging standards that promise to improve interoperability across cloud and non-cloud applications and systems. A multi-vendor TOSCA demo will showcase TOSCA implementations by IBM, SAP, and others. There is no charge to attend the Summit, which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on 3 Mar.


OASIS20 T-shirt Design Contest

Members are invited to submit original designs to commemorate the OASIS 20th Anniversary. Convey the importance of open standards and the OASIS experience in a serious, fun, or witty way. The winning design will appear on t-shirts distributed at OASIS20 events throughout the year. The deadline to submit designs is 1 Mar.


Important dates:

19 Feb
XACML 3.0 Export Compliance-US Profile 1.0 public review ends

XACML Intellectual Property Control Profile 1.0 public review ends

21 Feb
WS-Calendar Schedule Signals and Streams public review ends

27 Feb
XACML 3.0 Additional Combining Algorithms Profile 1.0 public review ends

26-28 Feb
OASIS Interoperability Showcase at RSA 2013: XACML and KMIP

28 Feb
Public Administration Cloud Requirements (PACR) TC holds first meeting

Cloudscape V to highlight OASIS Cloud standards        

1 Mar
Deadline to submit designs for OASIS20 T-Shirt Contest

3 Mar
TOSCA to be featured at Pulse Open Cloud Summit in Las Vegas

25 Mar
MQTT TC holds first meeting at EclipseCon Boston

29 Mar
TransGov Framework (TGF) Pattern Language Core Patterns public review ends

1 Apr
Electronic Court Filing 4.01 public review ends

3 Apr
OASIS20 celebration at Cloud Connect in Santa Clara

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