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Subject: OASIS News: 18 Mar 2013

Welcome to OASIS News, a bi-weekly update of announcements, accomplishments, and activities for the international open standards consortium.

In this issue:

* OASIS names Distinguished Contributors
* Cloud Connect to host OASIS20 reception/TC meetings
* 2013 Board election schedule posted
* UBL 2.1 public review begins
* TC approves WS-Calendar SOAP-based Services
* XAMCL TC approves two Committee Specifications
* OASIS eGov seeks Steering Committee candidates
* OASIS CEO to keynote at China Cloud Computing Exhibition
* m2mi becomes newest OASIS Sponsor
* Important Dates

OASIS names Distinguished Contributors

Jacques Durand of Fujitsu, John Greacen, and Drummond Reed of XDI.org are being recognized for their significant contributions to the advancement of open standards at OASIS. They will be inducted into the OASIS “Hall of Fame” at an award ceremony during the OASIS20 Anniversary reception on 3 Apr (details below).


Cloud Connect to host OASIS20 reception/TC meetings

The Cloud Connect conference will host a special OASIS 20th anniversary celebration on 3 Apr, 5:30-7:30 PM at the Hyatt Santa Clara in California. The event is free for members and guests; however, advance registration is required. The CloudAuthZ TC will be holding a face-to-face meeting at Cloud Connect, and the CAMP TC will be meeting in the area as well.


2013 Board election schedule posted

Five seats on the OASIS Board of Directors and two seats on the Technical Advisory Board will be open for election this year. Any member may serve; only organizational members may nominate candidates. Nominations open 8 Apr. Questions for candidates will be accepted until 3 May.


UBL 2.1 public review begins

Universal Business Language is a generic XML interchange format for business documents that can be restricted or extended to meet the requirements of particular industries. Version 2.1 includes 65 business documents used in the procurement and transportation domains (e.g.: invoices, purchase orders, waybills, transportation status messages, etc.). This public review ends 2 Apr.


TC approves WS-Calendar SOAP-based Services

This new Committee Specification describes standard messages and interactions for service interactions with a system that hosts calendar-based information using SOAP. Hosted information can be either traditional personal and enterprise calendar information or services that support XML payloads developed in conformance with the WS-Calendar specification. Congratulations to WS-Calendar TC co-chairs, Toby Considine of the University of North Carolina, and Gershon Janssen, and to all TC members for accomplishing this milestone.


XAMCL TC approves two Committee Specifications

XACML 3.0 Export Compliance-US Profile defines the use of the eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) in expressing policies for complying with USA government regulations for export compliance. XACML Intellectual Property Control (IPC) Profile defines standard attribute identifiers useful in IP policies and recommends attribute value ranges. Congratulations to XACML TC co-chairs, Hal Lockhart of Oracle and Bill Parducci, to Foundational Sponsors, IBM, Microsoft, and Primeton, and to Sponsors, Axiomatics, Boeing, CA Technologies, Cisco, Connectis, Dell, EMC, Jericho Systems, Oracle, Quest Software, Red Hat, SailPoint, US Veterans Health Administration, and ViewDS, and to all TC members.


OASIS eGov seeks Steering Committee candidates

Nominations are now open for five seats, at least three of which must be filled by public sector representatives. The eGov Member Section serves as a focal point for discussions of governmental and public administration requirements for e-business standardization. Bringing together representatives from global, regional, national and local government agencies, OASIS eGov provides a platform for those who share a common interest in directing and understanding the impact of open standards on the public sector. All OASIS eGov Member Section participants are invited to nominate Steering Committee candidates by 21 Mar.


OASIS CEO to keynote at China Cloud Computing Exhibition

Laurent Liscia will be a featured presenter at the 1st International Cloud Computing Technology and Application Exhibition, 7-9 Apr in Bejing. Liscia will discuss how standards are making the global Cloud safer and more business and consumer-friendly. The event is hosted by the International Cooperation Center for Economics and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, P.R.C. and CCPIT Electronics & Information Industry Sub-Council.


m2mi becomes newest OASIS Sponsor

Machine-to-Machine Intelligence (m2mi) Corp. is an innovator in data centre automation software for Grid and private Cloud computing environments. m2mi will be participating in the MQTT TC. http://www.m2mi.com/

New OASIS Contributors include the Cloud4SOA project, dc-square, the Eclipse Foundation, Nuance, Prime Factors, Telit, and Telstra. Welcome, all.

Important dates:

19 Mar
REST Profile of XACML 3.0 public review ends

21 Mar
eGov Steering Committee nominations close

25 Mar
MQTT TC holds first meeting at EclipseCon Boston

29 Mar
TransGov Framework (TGF) Pattern Language Core Patterns public review ends

1 Apr
Electronic Court Filing 4.01 public review ends

2 Apr
UBL 2.1 public review ends

3 Apr
OASIS20 celebration at Cloud Connect in Santa Clara

5 Apr
eGov Steering Committee elections close

23 Apr
CMIS public review ends

14 May
OASIS provides Keynote, Panels at European Identity Cloud Conference in Munich

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