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Subject: Keyword Guidelines for OASIS Specifications and Standards

OASIS members, 


For your review, here is a link to "Keyword Guidelines for OASIS Specifications and Standards" written and edited by the members of the TAB.


We welcome your comments and feedback before we publish the final edition of the paper. Feel free to subscribe and send your comments to tab-comment@lists.oasis-open.org

This short guidelines document is intended to assist OASIS authors and editors in the proper use of normative keywords (RFC2119 or ISO). Members of the TAB have noticed when reviewing specifications that normative keywords are sometimes misused or used inconsistently. This can lead to misunderstanding of the meaning of a specification or to inconsistent implementation of its normative content. The "Keyword Guidelines" aims to assist editors in using keywords and to anticipate questions they might have.


Jacques Durand, TAB chair

Patrick Durusau, TAB member 

Ashok Malhotra, TAB member

Jun Qian, TAB member 

Chet Ensign, TC Administration 

Zhexuan Song, OASIS Board TAB Liaison


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