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Subject: OASIS News updates on OSLC, XACML, CloudAuthZ, PKCS11, and more

16 Jan 2015
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The Open Standards Community Newsletter
In this issue:

OSLC and ProSTEP iViP to cooperate on smart information flow standards

"The age of isolated expert systems is over. Now is the time of integration. Our members realize the permeability of existing information silos and appreciate the importance of establishing integrated process flows across disciplines as well as company borders," said Dr. Steven Vettermann, General Manager at ProSTEP iViP. The Association develops the STEP and JT standards, which are prominently used for mechanical engineering. OASIS OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) advances a suite of standards and interoperability integration patterns that are used for linking lifecycle information in a smart way.

OASIS Standard vote underway for XACML

Balloting for the eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) MAP Authorization Profile 1.0, XACML Intellectual Property Control (IPC) Profile 1.0, and XACML 3.0 Export Compliance-US (EC-US) Profile 1.0 is now underway and will close 19 Jan. All organizational members of OASIS are encouraged to vote; those who wish to discuss the ballot may do so through

OData members propose submission to ISO/IEC

The Open Data Protocol (OData) TC has requested OASIS submit OData 4.0 and OData JSON Format 4.0 to ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1 for approval as proposed International Standards. OASIS members have until 11 Feb to comment.

XLIFF members propose submission to ISO

The XML Localisation Interchange File Format (XLIFF) TC has requested OASIS submit XLIFF 2.0 to ISO Technical Committee 37 for approval as a proposed International Standard. OASIS members may comment by 17 Feb.

XACML TC publishes two Committee Specifications
JSON Profile of XACML 3.0 Version 1.0 defines a standardized interface between a policy enforcement point and a policy decision point using JSON. REST Profile of XACML 3.0 Version 1.0 defines a profile for the use of XACML in a RESTful architecture. Congratulations to XACML TC chairs, Hal Lockhart of Oracle and Bill Parducci, and to representatives of Foundational Sponsors, IBM, Microsoft, and Primeton, and Sponsors, Boeing, CA Technologies, Cisco, Connectis, EMC, Oracle, Red Hat, U.S. Veterans Health Administration, ViewDS, and to all XACML TC members for these accomplishments.

CloudAuthZ TC publishes Committee Note

CloudAuthZ Use Cases 1.0 examines the requirements for authorization in the cloud using commonly defined cloud deployment and service models. These use cases will help identify functional gaps in current identity management standards. Congratulations to CloudAuthZ TC chair, Radu Marian of Bank of America, and to representatives of Sponsors, Boeing, Cisco, NEC, SafeNet, U.S. Veterans Health Administration, ViewDS, and VMware, and to all CloudAuthZ TC members for accomplishing this milestone.

Public Reviews underway for XACML and PKCS 11

XACML 3.0 Administration and Delegation Profile 1.0 describes a profile for enabling authorization and entitlement expressions in administration and delegation policies. The public review ends 11 Feb.

Four PKCS 11 Cryptographic Token Interface 2.40 documents--Base Specification, Profiles, Current Mechanisms Specification, and Historical Mechanisms Specification--are under public review until 30 Mar in preparation for member ballots to consider their approvals as OASIS Standards.

IoT standards: How many is
too many?

This week's interoperate newsletter recaps news on AllSeen, OPC UA, ZigBee, and more.

CMIS4DAM TC elects co-chairs

Thanks to Irina Guseva (above) and Ken Baclawski of Northeastern University for leading this new work.
"The TOSCA Cloud State of the Union" Cloudify

"Integrating KMIP, PKCS 11, and SSH" P6R

"RESTier: A New Framework for Building OData Services" InfoQ
Important Dates

19 Jan
OASIS Standards ballots close for XACML

11 Feb
Member comment period ends for proposed OData submission to ISO/IEC

XACML 3.0 Administration and Delegation Profile public review ends

17 Feb
Member comment period ends for proposed XLIFF submission to ISO

19-20 Feb
MQTT presentation at
India M2M + IoT Forum

New Delhi

30 Mar
PKCS 11 Cryptographic Token Interface 2.40 public reviews end

20-24 Apr
OASIS KMIP/PKCS #11 Interop at RSA 2015
San Francisco
Danke to ISIS Papyrus for providing a German translation of OASIS News. Subscribe now.
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