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Subject: The European Digital Single Market and why it matters to you

Part of our job is to keep you informed on developments that will affect the value of the standards you painstakingly create. We believe the European Union's plans for a Digital Single Market  –see http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-15-4919_en.htm- is such a development.

It will have significant implications for all IT sector firms selling into Europe.

Despite planning for a Single European Market since 1992, today fewer than 15% of EU consumers shop online for goods from another European country, less than 10% of smaller enterprises sell cross-border in the EU, and the EU with almost 500 million people is fragmented into 28 national markets. The Digital Single Market is the highest priority for revitalizing the European economy, and the IT sector is reckoned to be the one to get the biggest boost in the first stages.

OASIS is already involved, at the heart of this initiative, as a member of the high-level EU ICT Standardization Multi-Stakeholder Platform – the MSP, where we dialogue with senior EU and national policy-makers.OASIS also has strong liaison agreements with ETSI and other relevant European standards bodies that will contribute to Europe’s digital future.

The Digital Single Market Strategy identifies “standards and interoperability” as a core issue, together with e-Privacy, Cyber-Security and Data in the Cloud. These are all of potential interest to many OASIS Members.

We will report back to you when we see further developments likely to impact our standards environment.

Laurent Liscia, CEO
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