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Subject: OASIS News: Open Repositories, Borderless Cyber, DITA, and more

29 Sept 2015
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The Open Standards Community Newsletter
In this issue:
Thanks to everyone who made last week's Borderless Cyber event at the World Bank such a success. Cyberwire published coverage of the entire program:

Now---how you can become involved in our next Borderless event…
Plans are underway for two more Borderless Cyber events in the first half of 2016. We're looking at European venues now. If you're interested in being part of the next Borderless Cyber Program Committee, contact events@oasis-open.org.

OASIS introduces Open Repositories for TCs

OASIS Open Repositories are a new option for TCs that want to encourage open source development in support of their standardization. Each OASIS Open Repository will be a public GitHub repository, created by OASIS staff, at the request of a TC. Anyone will be able to participate in an Open Repository, without fee or membership requirements. Open Repository contents will be created by public contributions under an open source license designated by the TC. Feedback on the program is welcome. 

WS-Calendar TC approves Committee Specification

The WS-Calendar Platform Independent Model (PIM) 1.0 is an abstract model that defines conformance and improves interoperation of calendar and schedule models. Congratulations to WS-Calendar TC chair, Toby Considine of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and to all TC members for accomplishing this milestone.

DITA TC publishes Committee Specification

Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) 1.3 defines both document types for authoring and organizing topic-oriented information and mechanisms for combining, extending, and constraining document types. This release of DITA is optimized for application developers, technical communicators, and implementers and users. Congratulations to DITA TC chair, Kristen Eberlein, and to all TC members for accomplishing this milestone.

DSS-X TC approves extension

DSS Extension for Local Signature Computation 1.0 extends core functionality enabling end users to use their own secure, signature-creation devices, such as smartcards, USB tokens, smartphones, mobile phones, tablets, PCs or laptops. Congratulations to DSS-X TC chairs, Stefan Hagen and Juan Cruellas of Univ Politecnica de Cataluna, and to all TC members for accomplishing this milestone.

Public reviews underway for TOSCA, XMILE, and DITA

TOSCA Simple Profile in YAML 1.0 specifies a rendering of TOSCA to provide a more accessible syntax and more concise, incremental expressiveness of the TOSCA DSL. The Profile is designed to minimize the learning curve and speed the adoption of TOSCA to portably describe cloud applications. This public review ends 20 Oct.

XML Interchange Language for System Dynamics (XMILE) 1.0 defines an open XML protocol for the sharing, interoperability, and reuse of System Dynamics models and simulations. System Dynamics is an interactive environment for simulating the impact of policy on complex ecosystems. This public review ends 29 Oct.

Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) 1.3 enters a 60-day public review period in preparation for consideration as an OASIS Standard. This public review ends 15 Nov.

Verisign becomes newest OASIS Sponsor

Verisign provides protection for websites and enterprises around the world, ensuring the security, stability and resiliency of key Internet infrastructure and services. Verisign's Security Services include intelligence-driven Distributed Denial of Service Protection, iDefense Security Intelligence and Managed DNS.

New OASIS Contributors include Brocade, CIB Labs, iMinds, and the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO).
"The economics of cyber conflict favor the adversary. We need to change this. My detection should become your protection. That is the point of information sharing."

Richard Struse, US DHS, CTI TC chair
The Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF), a nonprofit organization that defends civil liberties in the digital world, launched a GitHub project to translate its content using the XML Localisation Interchange File Format (XLIFF) OASIS Standard.
Important Dates

20 Oct
15 Nov
Danke to ISIS Papyrus for providing a German translation of OASIS News. Subscribe now.
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