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Subject: OASIS News: Standards for Publishing, System Dynamics, Localization, and more

11 Jan 2016
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The Open Standards Community Newsletter
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Cryptsoft becomes Foundational Sponsor

A true OASIS success story, Cryptsoft joined the consortium five years ago and quickly took on a leadership role, advancing development and promoting adoption of the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) and the Public-Key Cryptography Standard #11 (PKCS#11). Now a leader in the cryptographic market, Cryptsoft joins IBM and Microsoft in supporting the mission of OASIS at the highest level.
New OASIS Standard:
DITA 1.3 approved
The Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) 1.3 defines document types for authoring and organizing topic-oriented information and mechanisms for combining, extending, and constraining document types.

New OASIS Standard:
XMILE 1.0 for System Dynamics approved 

XML Interchange Language (XMILE) for System Dynamics defines an open XML protocol for the sharing, interoperability, and reuse of SD models and simulations. The new OASIS Standard can be used by anyone who wishes to embed SD models in their applications, such as vendors of SD software, Big Data, cloud, mobile, and social media solutions, as well as end users and consultants in the SD field.

Technical Committee Milestones:

TC approves DocBook 5.1 as Committee Specification
Topic-oriented authoring introduced in publishing schema

Trust Elevation Authentication Step-Up Protocol and Metadata 1.0 public review

Enabling service providers to elevate trust in an identity credential presented to them for authentication. Submit comments by 21 Jan.

Emergency Data Exchange Language Situation Reporting (EDXL-SitRep) 1.0 public review
Making it possible for emergency information systems to provide incident command centers with critical situation awareness data. Submit comments by 18 Feb.

"OASIS is a critical body for developing and maintaining standards in the ever changing security field."
Greg Scott
CEO Cryptsoft


XLIFF OMOS: Developing a Serialization-Independent Object Model for XLIFF 2

21 Jan  / 17:00 CET 

Join the GALA localization industry briefing on the new OASIS initiative to advance standards-based payload and metadata interoperability.
Register now. 

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