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Subject: OASIS News: Cybersecurity, Virtual Devices, Business Document Exchange...

7 April 2016
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The Open Standards Community Newsletter

The OASIS conference series continues with Borderless Cyber Europe on 8-9 Sept. CIOs, CISOs and cyber threat intelligence experts from industry, government and CSIRTs will come together at the European Commission in Brussels to share experiences, strategies, tactics and practices to better protect businesses against cyber threats. Registration is now open. Sponsorship opportunities are available.

TC approves Virtual I/O Device (VIRTIO) 1.0 as Committee Specification 

VIRTIO enables the use of standard drivers for devices found in virtual environments, delivering a straightforward, extensible alternative to boutique per-environment or per-OS mechanisms,

Business Document Exchange (BDXR) TC approves Committee Specification

SMP 1.0 describes a protocol for publishing service metadata within a four-corner network, where entities exchange business documents through intermediary gateway services (a.k.a. Access Points). SMP is part of the BDXR TC's open standards framework that supports public e-procurement and e-invoicing.

EU Digital Agenda and ICT Standards

Carol Cosgrove-Sacks, OASIS Senior Advisor on International Standards Policy, reports that the EU recently undertook a broad-based public consultation on how ICT standards contribute towards the European Digital Agenda for economic growth and the Digital Single Market. Open, interoperable ICT standards were considered crucial in achieving EU goals; standards for Cyber Security, IoT and Big Data ranked as priorities. The results, together with the advice of the high-level ICT Multi-Stakeholder Platform – where OASIS is a member – will feed into the EU ICT Standards Priority Plan due to be adopted this month.

HANCOM Secure becomes newest OASIS Sponsor

With its PKI-based technology, HANCOM Secure provides integrated security solutions optimized for diverse fields, including web, network, DB encryption, and personal e-mail accounts. 
Schneider Electric also joined OASIS at the Contributor level. Welcome all!

Public reviews underway for Universal Business Language (UBL)

UBL Naming and Design Rules 3.0
Submit comments by 4 May.

UBL Business Document Naming and Design Rules 1.0
Submit comments by 4 May.
Open Source, Open Standards, Open Minds

OASIS COO, Scott McGrath, will speak at a free event hosted by ANSI on 15 April, Washington, DC.
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A few demo spaces are still available for CTI, KMIP, and PKCS Interops at RSA 2017. 
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