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Subject: Help advance DocBook standard

The OASIS DocBook Technical Committee is looking for new members.

We invite you to join us as part of the longest standing committee advancing the most downloaded standard at OASIS. DocBook is an XML vocabulary for marking up text for publication in multiple output forms, including print, eBook, web, and help systems. It’s an enduring standard with a large installed based. DocBook has adapted to changing times and has an excellent future.

Our TC is a cross-industry group of colleagues that develop the schemas for DocBook (not the stylesheets or tools). We ensure that DocBook continues to remain vital by adapting to new environments and standards, responding to the changing needs of users, and growing the market for the standard.

Being part of the DocBook TC will enable your organization to:

- increase its visibility in standards development;
- influence the DocBook standard to include the features or extensions it needs;
- improve interoperability with other standards in use.

As a participant, you’ll work alongside markup language experts, gaining valuable experience in specification development, and enhancing your visibility and credibility inside and outside your organization.

The time commitment is not great.  We meet once per month for an hour by teleconference and perform various action items for research and development between meetings.  Because DocBook is a mature standard, the work centers around adding features, fixing bugs, and researching related standards.

Of course, there is no additional fee for employees of OASIS members to join the DocBook TC.  Others should contact join@oasis-open.org for details on membership. 

Feel free to forward this message to anyone you think might be interested in advancing DocBook.




OASIS DocBook Technical Committee Members



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